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Bravely Default II has now been rated in Australia

Exciting news today for fans of the Bravely Default franchise as the first entry in the series to the Nintendo Switch platform, Bravely Default II, has now been rated in Australia. This means that the release of the JRPG shouldn’t be too far away now. Hopefully this means it will arrive before the end of the year here in the west. No doubt Nintendo will provide more information nearer to the game’s release date.

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3 thoughts on “Bravely Default II has now been rated in Australia”

  1. Potentially an unpopular opinion on this site, but I actually view this as bad news. It seems to me like this means they didn’t really listen to all the feedback they got, and that they probably didn’t have time or desire to fix some of the bigger complaints (like with the new battle system, which I hate).

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