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The Game Awards 2020 will broadcast on 10th December

The Game Awards Twitter account and Geoff Keighley have announced that this year’s The Game Awards will be broadcast on Thursday, 10th December. This year the extravagant event will go live from three locations which are LA, Tokyo and London. There will be the usual world premiere trailers along with the awards ceremony. Hopefully Nintendo has something neat to show gamers at this year’s event.

“The thing that I’m worried about more than anything is that — there’s so much anticipation for the show — is that we don’t have big games to announce to the fans, then that becomes a disappointment too. So I talked to all the game companies and they’re like ‘no, we’ve got great content to kind of show fans around games,’ and they’re really excited to show that,” he says. “So yeah, it’s gonna be a super interesting at the end of the year to see what comes out at the top.”

Geoff Keighley



  1. As a manga artist taking part in game contribution for Nintendo Switch games, I am happy that this is happening. Though I am not calling myself “gamer” but as someone that enjoys playing my games on my favorite platform; thanks Geoff!

    1. Wait really what game did you help work on I want to have a look at it, I seen a lot pretty novel games on the eshop, but I haven’t really brought one of them yet. 😃

      1. I drew a barioth for Monster Hunter games. I did a few Yo-Yo drawings for Ninjala. I did a few drawings of Roy from Fire Emblem. I did quite a few and then the developers uses them as they wish in games on Nintendo Switch. I studied Digital Animation at BCIT and though I wasn’t able to find work directly with a company I now just draw manga art, and manga strips. You can check out my homepage on Facebook at Manga Home Studio. I been practicing my drawing since the beginning of this year and gotten better at it. I was trying to attend Art Institute of Vancouver a few years ago and told my advisor that I wanted to contribute to games. And now I do it for real.

  2. Darn that’s amazing I’m a artist myself (self-taught) I’m not in the job field tho your stuff is amazing, artist that do stuff like that are celebrities in my book tbh.

  3. I wonder if this is when we’ll see more from Nintendo since they were largely quiet during the first few months of the pandemic. Maybe this is when we’ll finally see something about BotW2.

    …And PLEASE tell me they have *something* for F-Zero’s 30th anniversary as well. Technically it’s this year but the SNES original didn’t hit North America until 1991 so maybe they’re going by the American release…

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