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A Switch piracy hack store may have to pay Nintendo $2,000,000 in damages

Uberchips, a retailer that has been selling hacked Nintendo Switch hardware, is about to pay Nintendo some damages. A while ago, Uberchips had been ordered a cease-and-desist from Nintendo, and a lawsuit followed. The lawsuit is now concluding, as both parties have issued a joint-filing agreement where they propose that Uberchips pay Nintendo $2,000,000 in damages and forbid them from selling the hardware. The agreement has yet to be signed by a judge.


9 thoughts on “A Switch piracy hack store may have to pay Nintendo $2,000,000 in damages”

  1. Hmm… If the systems came with (illegal) copies of games then I’m 125% behind this!
    I do think however that people have the right to alter their software and hardware of the products they buy. If the website was selling consoles with nothing else than the HB launcher then I find this bad.
    I love Nintendo and greatly respect copyrighted material but selling a console with nothing illegal on it, even if it enables the end-user to more easily pirate games, should be legal imo.

    I’m 100% against piracy but 100% for people being able to use their products how they please. If someone wants to use their switch as toilet paper then that’s cool! If they want to use it as a skateboard then that’s cool! I think people should be allowed to use things in not intended ways if nothing illegal is done.

    If someone wants to hack their console to watch their legally obtained movies then that’s okay.

    I think it is also okay for people to sell hacked switches that can play “non-shop bought” digital games because what if they back up their own games? I did that with my 3DS. I own over 60 boxed 3DS games and just ripped then off the card and installed then digitally. I am allowed to make back ups of my games. If someone sells me a console able of doing so (WITHOUT ILLEGAL SOFTWARE!) then… That’s cool.

    So I disagree with this IF they were NOT including illegal games or instructions on how to obtain them or mentioning “and even play pirated games!!”

    It’s the end user illegally downloading the games who’s in the wrong

  2. What’s up with all the bootlickers here? I get it, we love Nintendo but at the end of the day, they’re a huge corporation. They’re not losing 2 million dollars because some teenager couldn’t afford to buy their latest $50 emulation port

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