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Super Mario Bros 35 for Nintendo Switch out now for Nintendo Switch Online members

Ever since the Mushroom Kingdom was first invaded by Bowser and his minions 35 years ago, Mario has endured his fair share of trials, but he’s never faced a challenge quite like this. Super Mario Bros. 35 for Nintendo Switch is available today as an exclusive offer to Nintendo Switch Online members at no additional cost. See it in action in the new Super Mario Bros. 35 launch trailer on Nintendo UK’s YouTube channel.

Super Mario Bros. 35 delivers the classic platforming action from the original NES game, with a new 35-player twist. Race against time as one of 35 players, all competing in Super Mario Bros. gameplay at the same time. Defeat enemies and disrupt opponents in an online battle to emerge victorious as the last Mario standing. Experienced players will relive the familiar levels of Super Mario Bros., while beginners can join a community of players to start their Super Mario Bros. journey.

In Super Mario Bros. 35, each player starts with the same timed stage. When enemies are defeated, they are sent over to the opponents’ courses while giving extra time to the player. But proceed with caution, because what goes around comes around: anyone can become someone else’s target when they perform well too. Choose among four types of attack strategy and use items wisely to outpace opponents, and make sure to check in often for Daily Challenges and take part in Special Battles, too.

Super Mario Bros 35. is coming to Nintendo Switch today as an exclusive offer to Nintendo Switch Online members at no additional cost. Relive the classic levels of Super Mario Bros. while competing as one of 35 players in an online battle. Super Mario Bros. 35 will be available to download and play for a limited time until 31st March 2021.

Source: Nintendo UK

7 thoughts on “Super Mario Bros 35 for Nintendo Switch out now for Nintendo Switch Online members”

  1. I like it so far it feels like mario kart with the item roulette, but the time thing is a weird concept, I also hate that it forces you to use the d pad on procontroller, but other than that I like the game.

  2. This game is a love-hate relationship to me: Yes, this game is a chaos-infused blast to play with good execution; but on the other hand, another free online Mario battle royal browser game which housed around 50 players pre-game had to be shut down in order for this downgrade of a game-concept to live. Man do I despise Nintendo’s Copyright Trolls.

  3. Some questions to for Switch owners and to whom eventually plays this: is the sky purple like the picture here or actually blue?

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