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The next Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character is Minecraft-themed

Nintendo has announced this afternoon that the next downloadable character in the impressive Super Smash Bros Ultimate is Steve and the crew from the Minecraft series. If you download the Minecraft character then you you get a special new Minecraft theme stage to battle on. There will also be Alex and Zombie and Enderman skins too.

“Steve and Alex from Minecraft are the next playable fighters coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch. This was announced in a reveal trailer followed by a brief message from Director Masahiro Sakurai.

Steve and Alex are part of the second Challenger Pack in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass Vol. 2, which also includes a new stage and seven music tracks from the Minecraft series.

On Saturday, 3rd October at 16:30 CEST / 15.30 BST, Mr. Sakurai will be back with a deep dive video that will reveal more details about Steve and Alex, including their release date. 

Steve and Alex will be available to players who purchase Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass Vol. 2 or who purchase Challenger Pack 7 separately  for £5,39/€5,99 on Nintendo eShop*. By purchasing Fighters Pass Vol. 2 for £26,99/€29,99 on Nintendo eShop*, players will get access to Steve and Alex, along with previously released fighter Min Min from ARMSand four more yet-to-be-announced Challenger Packs as they release. Each pack includes one fighter, one stage and multiple music tracks.

To tune in on Saturday, check out the Nintendo UK YouTube channel, where the broadcast will be live-streamed.”

Source: Nintendo UK


  1. He looks so complicated to play as I brought second pass around min min debut, but I think I will be skipping on playing as steve, hopefully smash fans stop making up their own rules and realize the only rule is the character has to orginte from a video game

  2. People can like it if they want, I’m not saying they can’t. But that was the worst possible outcome of this Direct, except from Fortnite avatar or something.

    1. Dude looks so uninspired and boring to play.
      Look at the way he even moves. I know that they’re trying to stay truthful to the source but look at characters like Corrin, K Rool or Bowser and then this guy.

      1. You could have just say villager, as he uses all his sources from animal crossing but at least they put a twist on the moveset, I mean villagers can’t use boxing gloves in their game but they can in smash, not to mention they can attack with their umbrellas, steve doesn’t look like he has too much animation either, even sakurai himself stated that steve moveset was hard and difficult to figure out.

  3. The only video game franchise I absolutely hate and it got into the video game franchise I absolutely love, screw you 2020

  4. If I learnt something from the Wii U era is that I should not rush to buy any DLC. So glad I did not buy these couple of Fighters Pass!

    Seems like Banjo and Byleth will remain my only purchases for the rest of the year.

    1. Ha I knew you would talk one day, your the guy that always likes my comment I was going to make a comment about you one day, but I guess now is a better time to do it, thanks for liking my comments dude and have a good day ;/.

  5. Haha! Wow! I was one of the ones to purchase the first DLC pass when announced, but as Clint Eastwood said in a movie “everyone’s allowed to be a sucker once.” I am so glad that I decided to “pass” on the second pass. Such a disappointing reveal. Absolute garbage of a character choice. Don’t worry folks, I can already see what the future holds for DLC character numbers 3, and 4, a fortnite character will get a spot, and so will “Tracer” from overwatch. What a mockery they’ve turned Smash into. SMH.

    1. Your comment summed up:

      “I’m too old to realise the significance of Steve and Minecraft in the gaming industry, so I’m going to whine about how Sakurai didn’t choose Geno or Master Chief instead :(((( “

      1. You are so correct, guppie. This character is so iconic that I’m just now finding out what his name is. Who in the blue hell is “Geno?” And master chief can stay on his crappy system. Don’t worry, though, us “old” folks got so much satisfaction watching you guppies complain about a REAL icon when Terry Bogard was announced. For us “old” folks, we have three synonyms for the word GARBAGE, they are, in no particular order: Minecraft, Fortnite, and Overwatch, closing in on four with Fall Guys.

  6. Seen some furious people with anime profile pictures who wanted some secondary Xenoblade character or something like that….

  7. There are so many characters in this game that the chances of pleasing everyone with new characters is diminishing each time. Factor in people having their own ideas about which sort of characters should be in a Smash game (only Nintendo characters, only third parties that have a connection with Nintendo, only classic characters etc) and there’s always gonna be mixed receptions to any new announcement. I personally don’t care who comes now because everyone I ever wanted is in there already so it’s just fun to see the new ones.

  8. Now people can’t complain that there are too many Fire Emblem characters because I would rather have another Fire Emblem character in Smash than this… thing.

  9. Guess I’ll have to wait for a super brainz announcement sakurai haha

    Until then I’ll keep waiting when its worth sinking money into this fighter pass vol. 2

    1. For real. Arms I understand because it’s a newer nintendo IP.

      But this? Seriously where are the contra dudes, or more characters for EMPTY rosters like Sonic, F Zero, Xenoblade, Castlevania, Final Fantasy…

      Minecraft is bleh because the characters are not iconic in anyway except the shape. -_-

      1. You’re too old to realise how iconic Steve is. If you show someone a picture of Steve, they’ll know who it is, or at least what game he comes from. Show them a picture of master chief, some people may know but most will have no idea.

  10. Legit don’t get why people are so disappointed, beyond “boo hoo the meme character got in”. This was a fantastic reveal and character.

    1. Lol, it was neither. Minecraft is about as relevant to gaming as Candy Crush. A slot that could be filled by a character more related to gaming and with a closer connection to Nintendo gets filled by a meme. Although, with Joker, the direction that Smash is taking became very clear. And, honestly, thank God this is the last title of the franchise.

      Plus the reveal was boring as hell, not to mention the character plays terrible.

      1. ”Minecraft is about as relevant to gaming as Candy Crush”. Someone who can say this while being serious should just stop and realize their knowledge of gaming is almost 0. That’s like saying Formula 1 is as relevant to car races as hot wheels toy car races. Leaving that aside, you can’t even see the absolute genius marketing behind this. Minecraft has over 120 million active users. I forgot you had the opportunity to play the character to come to the conclusion that the character plays terribly.

      2. “As relevant as Candy Crush”. El-oh-el my dude. Good one, I needed this laugh tonight. You’re either an underpaid Chinese troll or just very stupid, but I laughed anyway. Cheers!

      3. When did Sakurai or anyone on the dev team mention that this was the last Smash? Far as I know, the closest thing was just “every fighter ever coming back will probably never happen again.”

  11. I figured Steve would get in and while not a top pick of mine, I am satisfied. Characters that would piss me off would be Tracer and some shit from fartnite, being online-only games and in the case of Tracer, none of the background or personality of the character are actually shown in the game itself, and Sora would piss me off as well seeing as his inclusion would fucking break smash as a series entirely more so then Cloud’s introduction did.

  12. I’m astounded that people are mad about this. A perfect fit for Smash and looks way different than the rest of the roster. Goofy variety is great. I’ve never played Minecraft, but this is easily the most exciting Smash announcement in a long time

  13. I myself am not upset about Steve in Smash but why Minecraft? They could have at least selected Master Chief who is a true 1st party Microsoft IP. I would have said Doomguy would have been a better fit but pretty sure this decision was made ages ago so he would have been a Bethesda representative and not a Microsoft rep. That or they could have added another F-Zero or Xenoblade character like maybe Black Shadow or Rex.

    1. As much as I love F-Zero, I’ll tell you not to kid yourself- another F-Zero fighter just isn’t going to happen. Captain Falcon’s moveset for Smash was entirely improvised, and he doesn’t even use the gun on his hip for it despite using it once in a comic that came with copies of the SNES game during its original run. I don’t think Sakurai wants to make up another whole moveset for another character from the series, and I for one would be even less thrilled with the idea of one being an Echo since Falcon already has one (of sorts) in the form of Ganondorf.

      1. while Falcon’s move-set is a nice call back to the original fighting game moves of the pre-Nintendo characters version of Smash 64, I do think something that would be a cool new mechanic for him to tie into F-Zero would be a Boost mechanic. Something where you hold a button down and Falcon just moves super fast as hell while a meter depletes, but if you let it go all the way to zero, you “burn-out” and cause a damaging explosion effect that can seriously damage enemies in the radius, but also can damage Falcon as well. Also a running 360 spin-kick move would be a nice homage to the spin-move you can do in the F-Zero titles to damage other racers.

  14. This is the first time a Smash character reveal was shadow dropped, and I had to find out through a news website.

    Says a lot about the state of the world.

      1. Well that isn’t much time. Hell, there wasn’t even a presentation to go along with it.

        I guess this is how we’re finding out about the remaining four fighters now, and hope its someone we can like or accept.

        But personally, while I don’t care Minecraft (do to its Xbox-ish/internet-like nature), having the character itself doesn’t seem to mess up or conflict with anything.

        It’s another third-party rep from an unrepped series, so it’s okay. Yet it doesn’t feel like a franchise Sakurai would choose to join Mario, Kirby, and Pikachu. I guess Nintendo’s sales division decided on this character.

        What’s next, someone from Just Dance, World of Goo, Fall Guys, Team Fortress, Untitled Goose Game?

  15. lol steve is VERY popular as well as Minecraft. be happy. this also shows that Microsoft is willing to work with Nintendo. pretty sure this will reflect the future development of games, including some Bethesda titles.

    i totally knew it would be steve or master chief or conker. this is great, and it just shows you how much smash is like a living museum. and it shows how popular Minecraft is. big win

  16. Hahahahaaaaaa wtf.
    Good job being a money grubbing moron, Nintendo.

    Minecraft is POPULAR.
    Okay so what? Dude, DUUUDE. The doom guy, master chief? Those are dumb choices too but at least they’re more CLASSIC then STEVE.

    1. Idk if you’re being sarcastic but if not, I think you’re too old to realise the impact Minecraft has had on video games and especially the lives of younger gamers.

  17. Can the dude atleast get a halo master chief alt since they have like over a 100 skins for the character in the game of minecraft?

    Would atleast make him more entertaining.

    1. No, Byleth was the worst. Likes ratio already tells that.
      Reasons why it was the worst:
      1. It was already from the series, which already had a character from Smash (all other DLC characters to be purchased were from a completely new series). (well thats not very big deal.. BUT…)
      2. It was yet another Fire Emblem character (this was a thing (meme) before DLC)
      3. It was again a random sword-anime fighter.
      4. It was the last character of the Smash DLC Pack, and expectations were very high (no one knew before that there would be more characters)

      1. Actually we knew around the time of Terry’s reveal that a 2nd wave was coming; we just didn’t know *how many*. Your other points about Byleth’s disappointing reveal, however, still stand.

  18. Damn people are so toxic here.

    Great choice imo. Minecraft is huge and this just further cements the idea of Smash being a gaming museum of sorts.

    Not a character I personally wanted but that doesn’t make it a bad choice.

  19. If anything I hope the continued support with Microsoft means we still have a chance at Conker being added back and finally reuniting with Banjo and Diddy.

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