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Game Informer lists their best games of the generation

The current generation of video games is about to come to a close, so Game Informer has decided to make a list of what they feel are the best games of the generation. There’s various categories based on genre, as well as one for games that must be played. Multiple Nintendo games appear on the list, with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild being a must-play title. Super Mario Odyssey and Animal Crossing New Horizons also show up in the “wholesome fun” category. Here’s the full list:

Must play:

Story Driven:


Intense Action:

Open world:

Old-school charm:

Wholesome fun:

Mind Binders:


Fierce competition:


13 thoughts on “Game Informer lists their best games of the generation”

    1. The Last of Us Part II is a must play? Over games like Mario Odyssey, Bloodborne, Ori and the Blind Forest/Will of the Wisps, Hollow Knight, and Ghost of Tsushima? Yuck!

      I’m guessing Neil Druckmann slid them a fat check.

  1. What’s Da Dizzneal?

    “Must play” The Last of Us 2. Yeah, sure, whatever you say.

    Each category has at least one pandering, cringe, agenda-shoving, garbage, “woke” title in it.

    TLoU is as much a “must-play” title as Troll, or WWE2K18 for Switch.

  2. Nearly the entire list is based around promoting the developers they feel obligated to promote. I guess that’s to be expected in a magazine published by a retailer.

  3. It’s dumb to call it a “generation” when Nintendo have their own timelines. The Switch for example coincided with PS4 and and now PS5. It doesn’t below to either generation.

    1. That’s a pretty new phenomenon, though. Before the Switch, Nintendo releases always coincided with PS/XBox releases (all within a year of each other, at the least).

  4. ugh games like Last of Us and God of War were not that good IMHO. I played them on PS4 but I like games like Sekiro, Bloodborne, and Hollow Knight WAY more on the system.

  5. Lol, TLoU2 a must play? Naughty Dog must have sent them a fat check for that one.
    Everything else seems like its deserving enough on here though I’ve admittedly played very few of these titles

  6. Those 5 Games of the Generation were well deserved to be on this list. These were the games that left the most impact, had us talking the most whether through positivity or controversies, were the most hyped, were created by the most popular Video Game companies, and had stellar elements that showed the true prowess of its system. My personal favorite was TLOU2 but I’m glad to see GOW, RDR2, BOTW, and TW3 on the Top 5. They were must-plays because they were simply the best in their field. You don’t have to agree with the games, I see people disliking TLOU2 but understand that a large population of players genuinely liked or loved the game. No hate on Neil or the staff for creating a game they wanted to throw out there. Good day ya’ll.

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