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Windbound receives two large updates (patch notes)

Windbound, which is available now on Nintendo Switch and other platforms, has received a couple of large updates bringing the version up to 1.0.36649.221. The patches include improvements for various aspects such as game performance enhancements, fixes for game saves, improvements for the tutorial and more. The game received mixed reviews, so hopefully the fixes will make this survival/adventure game more comfortable and accessible.

Check out the full patch notes below:

Latest Update


  • Fixed potential lock-up on exit for PC and Nintendo Switch players.
  • Fixed issues where users could experience high input latency.
  • Fixed stability issues.


  • Fixed items potentially being lost when exiting The Crossing while the player was not in control of the boat. 
  • Added a fix to only allow saving if the player is grounded or on a boat. 
  • Fixed issues where grass canoes were taking too much damage from coral.

Game Saves/Death

  • Fixed an issue where players could respawn without a boat.
  • Fixed an issue where containers could lose their contents when returning to the world after death.

Creatures & Combat

  • Added a fix for creatures occasionally flying into the air upon death.
  • Fixed a navigation issue where creatures would occasionally freeze.
  • Fixed the occasional 2 second delay before Gorehorn reacts.


  • Added an option to review tutorials from the pause menu in game.
  • Added the option to disable tutorials.
  • Added sailing tutorial refresher prompts.

Additional Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some collision issues at the base of Nautilus Key towers.
  • Fixed intermittent clipping issues. 
  • Added a fix to ensure profile achievement progress carries over to New Game +.
  • Fixed minor UI issues on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Previous Update

New Game+

  • After finishing the game players can now continue in the same slot from Chapter 1 with all their blessings in a New Game+ mode. This mode does not replay the intro cut-scene.

Saving progression

  • We’ve added auto-saving as you acquire each Nautilus key.
  • We’ve also added an additional auto-save as you use the final Nautilus key before Kara enters The Crossing.
  • We already auto-saved when you successfully emerge from The Crossing and begin the next chapter, and this remains the case.

Game Difficulty
Storyteller vs Survivalist

We’ve renamed Storyteller to Adventurer mode and updated the description of the difficulty modes to make the difference between the two modes clearer. This is in English first, but localised text will follow.

Adventurer Mode

  • This is now the default mode when you start a new game.. Full inventory is retained upon death.
  • Boat is retained upon death, go through the portal and you’ll be reunited with it.
  • Chapter progress is retained upon death, no more going back to Chapter 1.
  • Combat difficulty is easier than in Survivalist Mode.

Survivalist Mode

  • This is the classic Roguelike mode.
  • Only items in “Held” inventory slots are retained upon death
  • Boat is lost upon death.
  • Return to Chapter 1 upon death.
  • Standard combat difficulty.


  • Berries and mushrooms will last for 40 minutes instead of 30.
  • All raw meat will last for 30 minutes instead of 20.
  • All cooked meat will last for 50 minutes instead of 30.
  • “Food has degraded” prompts were intended as regular warnings that the food is slowly going bad, causing player confusion about food degradation timing. We’ve reduced the frequency of the prompts so it only starts to warn the player about food degrading when it gets down to 33%. And we’ll be making the phrasing clearer pending localisation.


  • Increased the backup stamina recharge rate by 25%.
  • Reduced time to recover from dodging when you have no stamina by 50%, so Kara should be able to get moving again in combat much quicker.


  • Grass Container now has 5 slots, up from 3.
  • Bamboo Container now has 9 slots, up from 5.
  • Wood Container now has 12 slots, up from 7.

Additional Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an intermittent crash in shadow culling.
  • There was a bug in the Gameplay Options menu that if you reset to default options it reverted difficulty to Survivalist as well. This has now been fixed.
  • Fixed instances where player progression was blocked climbing some towers.
  • didn’t give a fair chance at avoiding it, this has been fixed and coral is now visible from a further distance.
  • Fixed an issue where Koji Berries were sometimes not appearing in player inventory.
  • Fixed the Ancestors outfit not appearing wet after Kara has been in water.
  • Corrected a number of Achievement descriptions.
  • Fixed a bug with the Pro Skater achievement where sometimes it would not correctly trigger despite the boat catching air for longer than 2 seconds.
  • Removed an unintentional feature where F11 would toggle the UI off/on. Players accidentally did this and had no idea how to bring it back.
  • Fixed an issue where player settings were not always being properly being applied.
  • Added the TAB key to be the default crafting menu button, ~ key still works as well.
  • Improvements to game loading time.
  • Fixed potential memory leak when saving game.
  • Fixed issue where 2 held item slots contents could be lost on death if the player had the “Arms of Imakl” blessing.


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