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Level-5 seems to have halted operations in North America, future titles could be Japan only

The acclaimed development studio Level-5 who are behind such titles as Ni No Kuni and Yo-Kai Watch seems to be facing more issues. The company now appears to have halted its North American operations with one source telling Games Industry that there are ‘currently no concrete plans for any more Level-5 games to be released outside of Japan.’ The site reports that Level-5 International America and its spin-off office, Level-5 Abby, began closing things down in the middle of last year. The source says that employees were “given every indication” that the studio is closing. Games Industry contacted Level-5 International America and Abby and received no response.



    1. “we can’t lose those games in the west”

      I like Level 5 just fine, but this is an insane overstatement. The VAST majority of switch user aren’t gonna care if level 5 never releases another game in the west.


      1. Ok idc if the vast majority don’t care, the vast majority don’t know wt they want lol they make fun games, not much developers have the charm they do so I’ll say it again. We can’t lose those games nintendo !

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  1. But I thought they were doing somewhat well with titles such as/

    Highly successful: Professor Layton, Yokai Watch
    Moderately successful: Ni Nu Kuni, Inazuma Eleven.


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