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Legendary Pokemon fought in Dynamax Adventures in Crown Tundra have a 100% chance of capture

Pokemon fan site Serebii is reporting that the Legendary Pokemon who are fought and obtained during the Dynamax Adventures in The Pokemon Sword & Shield downloadable content The Crown Tundra will have a 100% chance of capture. However, you can only get Legendary Pokemon once in Dynamax Adventures in The Crown Tundra DLC. The upcoming DLC is part of the Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass which is available right now and The Crown Tundra DLC launches this Thursday on Nintendo Switch.

13 thoughts on “Legendary Pokemon fought in Dynamax Adventures in Crown Tundra have a 100% chance of capture”

    1. But it is too easy. The only decent thing about legendaries back then was that they were few in number you had to go to an event for them. Now every game has them, you can catch all of them easily, and to make matters worse, now you can catch all of them with a 100% catch rate? That defeats the purpose of the whole “legendary status” in a game, everyone who enjoys this is just a slave to mediocrity lol.

    2. This has already been a complaint with the event Pokemon when they started just handing them to you instead you going on a quest to get them. The only positive I see with this is that you can choose which rare ball to put them in without wasting them…

      1. You played Mario Odyssey? You get moons everywhere. Jump on a rock? moon, walk into a building? moon, wear the right outfit? moon. These games are made for kids first, kids who want to get the Pokémon first try and have it You want to have trouble catching legendary Pokémon? Play any of the other Pokémon games cause this was was clearly made for kids first.

    3. Lol. Think this through. Would an MMO be made better if you got a level up after every kill? Would Mario 64 be better if you got a Power Star every time you jumped on a Goomba’s head?

      1. So… are you just forgetting that you have to do the entire Dynamax adventure plus defeating the legendary before you get that guaranteed catch? That you don’t heal in between those battles? That you have to use rental Pokémon or Pokémon you catch in the adventure? That the AI is garbage and this might not even be doable with it, but hopefully it is? (though honestly I could see you having to run with randos to complete this. If the battle against the legend is anything like that Mew-two or Zeraora raid they had awhile back, those were failed a lot even with real people, because real people can do stupid things too, like bring a cap pikachu to battle a shiny Zeraora. The fact that’s it rental only will guarantees that it is harder too, because you can’t bring your lvl 100 fully IVed, Eved, perfect nature Eternatus in there)

        Nah, this is still going to be grindy as hell to get all the legendary Pokémon, especially since you can and will encounter legendarys you already have caught, necessitating repeating this adventure many, many times in order to get them all. This is going to be grindy enough as is, so I am completely okay with that guaranteed catch, I’d hate to think how many hundreds of times one would have to rerun this to catch all of them with a normal legendary catch rate. That’s scary to even think about, and I’m glad they didn’t do that to me.

      2. @Caeba

        A great argument against the person I was responding to, not against me. I was responding based on *THEIR* premise that they are “free legendaries”. If they aren’t free legendaries, my comment doesn’t apply sure, but neither does the comment I was responding to.

      3. Oh, sorry that’s my bad, I meant to reply to them not you, but my point still stands nonetheless. Point being that it is rare for people to not jump to conclusions when they read things like this out of context. This is not free legendaries by any means, it will be a grind, but mercifully not as much of one as it could have been. The only bad thing here is that hunting shinies will be a nightmare thanks to the one catch rule, but that doesn’t affect me at all because I won’t be hunting shinies.

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