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Konami trademarks Goemon and a spin-off of the Suikoden RPG series

Konami have been relatively absent from mainstream video gaming publications for some time as they have been concentrating their focus on the smartphone and pachinko machines market. But as we all know, they have a multitude of key gaming franchises under their belt. The company has recently filed for a number of classic gaming trademarks which is sparking some hope that they will return to the console space. Konami has trademarked “Gensou Suikogaiden,” “Ganbare Goemon,” and “Emotional Voice System” on 5th October in Japan.

  • Gensou Suikogaiden is a two-volume visual novel spin-off of the Suikoden RPG series.
  • Ganbare Goemon, known as simply Goemon and Mystical Ninja outside of Japan.
  • “Emotional Voice System” is the name of the system implemented in the Tokimeki Memorialseries starting with the release of Tokimeki Memorial 2 in November 1999,



  1. Konami used to be such a great company. Microsoft should have bought this one instead of Bethesda. Bethesda was doing alright.


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