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A former Rockstar dev is now a lead producer at Retro Studios

There continues to be no end in sight for the hiring spree happening at Retro Studios. The company’s latest addition is a lead producer, Marisa Palumbo. Palumbo worked on the Blizzard team behind Overwatch for 6 years, and a decade at Rockstar. Palumbo’s resume at Rockstar includes Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto V, LA Noire, Max Payne 3, Red Dead Redemption and even Manhunt 2. Palumbo will now be helping out with the development of Metroid Prime 4.


17 thoughts on “A former Rockstar dev is now a lead producer at Retro Studios”

    1. I dunno, I could see Fire Emblem taking that route as well. If I remember right, in the opening cutscene for Three Houses, the female general starts stabbing the surrendering commander several times and you can see blood spurting out with every plunge of the dagger. I’ll say, I wasn’t expecting to see something like that upon just starting the game.

          1. You totally should. You’re in the shortest route but I feel like the Golden Deers is the more “default” route where most answers lie so you might wanna check it out later.

  1. Man, the disappointment every time when there’s another news with Metroid Prime 4 logo, and then it’s just another “Retro Studios hired X” head line. :(
    This game really isn’t coming out for a while. Like, I’d say 2022 at earliest, maybe even 2023.

  2. This game must be some way off yet.
    I really do think though that Nintendo and retro are gona seriously push this one to the limit with all these high end names jumping on board. I expect we will get botw sequel first, maybe next year and then this sometime after, so yeah 2022 at earliest.

  3. Overwatch hmm. I wonder if this game will come with a multiplayer mode. If so, will it be a nice little bonus or would it be something special. You typically don’t think multiplayer with Metroid Prime, but we did get Hunters.

  4. Other than this game, what other games are they working on? After MP4 debuts, what istheir backup plan? Are they going to juust wait8 years before working on the next project or get started immediately afterPrime 4 is done? Thats the issue I have. I been waiting nearly a decade for next DK game. Instead we get a $60 Tropical freeze port… so obviously they aint did shit.
    The good AAA title take about 5 years to make becausemore graphics longer it takes. I already know next PS5 and Series X isnt getting sequels because it takes longer to make these games now.

  5. What im really trying to say is…….

    Had they worked on Metroid Prime 4 immediately after it was released on Wii and continued that strategy, Switch would had been on Metroid Prime 5.
    So whats up with the long 12 year gap of Metroid from 2006 to 2017 in R&D when covid didnt come out until Autumn of 2019.

    Just admit it Retro, yall aint did shit.

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