Game & Watch: Super Mario system features a small language error

Nintendo UK have published an apology on their website with regards to the upcoming Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros system. The issue involves one of the little touches to the digital clock which is the ‘Mario Drawing’ song. The song displays incorrect language lyrics if a user selects either German, French, Italian or Spanish from the title screen. Sadly this issue won’t be able to be fixed. However, the system launch has not been affected by this issue and it may make this launch editions more valuable in the future (we hope!) The Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros system launches this Friday.

Update: Nintendo of America has tweeted that it is also affecting US customers and have posted an apology:


    1. Hate to break it to you but i have a feeling you won’t. Nintendo will once again do the same thing they did with the launch of the (Wii, Nintendo mini, SNES mini) they’ll only send small shipments to retail stores to hace supply & demand, thats how companies make more $ now a days. If I were u I would wait for the second batch since this first shipment will have this language error but who knows you could be one of few who might be able to get one come this Fri. Wish u the best!

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