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Another class action lawsuit has been filed against Nintendo due to Joy-Con drift

The Switch’s Joy-Con’s drift issues have become increasingly unavoidable for Nintendo to address. The company has been seeing an increasing number of lawsuits filed against them in the past year or so. And the amount of lawsuits have just ticked up once again, as another class action lawsuit has just been filed.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Seattle, comes from a minor that has been dealing with Joy-Con drift for a while now. In fact, they state that the problems started 3 months after they bought the console. The minor originally paid Nintendo $40 of their own money to repair the Joy-Cons, but they started drifting again after “several more months”.

Unfortunately, they went through 3 more pairs of Joy-Cons that also ended up having drift issues. They accuse Nintendo of being aware of the problem and not doing enough to inform their customers about it, and say Nintendo has committed unlawful and unfair conduct and even consumer fraud.

Evidence of their case is also provided, and it is very damning. Included are “the technical tear-down, as well as electron microscope images showcasing damage on the circuits”. The technical tear-down comes from an expert suggesting that “wear on the interior pads of the controller” is causing the drift. They cite consumer advocacy investigations in France, Belgium, and Switzerland, and even Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa’s remarks of the “trouble caused to customers” because of the Joy-Con drift.


20 thoughts on “Another class action lawsuit has been filed against Nintendo due to Joy-Con drift”

  1. Good.
    Nintendo’s attitude towards this problem has been nothing short of asinine and abysmal. The more people stick it to them and make them take it seriously the better.

      1. +sonicgalaxy27
        Ehhh, that’s 1 hell of a stretch. It’s not like the joycons are the only way to play on the system.

        1. Well, yeah but some people got tired of the drifting issues and paying the full price of it being repair. They should have do a bit more research on the controllers itself to prevent something like this happening again.

  2. Nintendo, even if you don’t want to admit the Joycons you’ve been selling are garbage (they are), the least you could do is quietly redesign this issue away on new ones.

  3. I’m so surprised that I still have never experienced joy-con drift. I’m NOT saying it ISN’T a problem. Just surprised. I’ve logged over 800 hours on a set of cons and they still work fine. Maybe I got an improved version?

    1. +LexGear
      I got my joycons with the Nintendo Switch around the same time Mario Kart 8 Deluxe came out and I’ve also somehow managed to not get any drift.
      That said, I do play the majority of my games with the Pro Controller so maybe that’s why.

  4. I have 5 pairs of Joy-Cons (yes, 5- I keep buying them so I have enough to feasibly play all these 4-8 player couch games because I keep deluding myself into thinking I have friends to play them with) and all but one left Con has a problem. The ones that came with the system I could understand getting some issues as I’ve had them the longest and used them a ton (here are those 8-hour BotW sessions coming back to haunt me) but I bought the purple-yellow pair a year ago and THAT one has a problem despite being the least-used.

  5. I play my Switch daily and only experience a few seconds of Joycon drift maybe once a month on average. It’s not ideal but it hasn’t really affected my gameplay.

  6. If you have had so many terrible experiences with Joy-Con drift then why are you buying Nintendo’s products? It’s the buyer’s responsibility to research the quality of a product. Nintendo never guarantees their product’s longevity, and if its not a longevity issue then that’s what warranties are for. I understand that customer fraud is a bad thing, but I just don’t understand what the big deal is and why people get so hyped up about this. If your Joy Cons don’t work then buy a pro controller or buy an off-brand controller. Nobody sues the off-brand companies when their crap falls apart, so why is Nintendo always getting sued, it just seems immature. Are all off-brand companies committing fraud for selling junk? Nobody says that because buyers have responsibility too. If you buy junk its your own fault.
    Admittedly I have never had any notable Joy-Con drift, maybe if I eventually do I will be pissed off ….

    1. Wow , Grade a mindless drone comment. This is a prime example of why Nintendo seemingly gets away with so much, because as usual people like this give them a pass. Even though it’s not an isolated incident and so many people are having the same problem. Disgusting.

      1. Oh no, someone on the Internet called me a mindless drone because I made a decent argument and I don’t feel bad enough for all the people suffering tremendously from drift issues. Guess I’m just a horrible person with no empathy.

        I stand by my argument, because you have made no points that disagree.
        How about you respond to my argument instead of just calling me a drone and my comment disgusting, Mr. Entitled Triggered Person?

        If you truly believe that Nintendo should be held accountable for their horrible sins, then why dont you call up customer service and yell at them? Or stop buying Nintendo products? You are totally within your rights to go and buy a Playstation instead of a Switch

    2. Maybe we buy Nintendo’s products, because in the past there weren’t really issues with their products? Or we’ve not had experienced them ourselves? I mean, the Switch is the latest Nintendo console released… Wii U didn’t have such a fundamental design flaw… Neither did the Wii, 3DS, DS, … ? Nintendo is also the main provider of Switch controllers, thus the scale at which they spread their badly designed Joy Con is much much larger then the off-brand counterparts. And even then, are there even off brand Joy Con that have all the functions the regular Joy Con have? Because if they don’t come with HD Rumble, Motion Controlls, Ir Camera, they’re basically useless for most games aren’t they? Thus you’re forced to buy the ones from Nintendo, that come with a design flaw that’s been known since shortly after the release of the Switch, three years ago…

      It’s easy to say “just buy another joycon/pro controller if you’re having issues” But that’s simply not how it works, is it? Nintendo provides a product, and if that product shows signs of not working properly within such a short period of time, Nintendo should fix that. Simple as that.

      Maybe Nintendo is the one one getting a lot of shit, because the Joy Con comes with the Switch, and is needed to use the thing? Simply everyone who owns a switch has the Joy Con Nintendo provides. And if they don’t work properly, they’re selling a fundamentally flawed product, consumers have no choice over wether they want to own it or not. If it was possible for me to buy a Switch with a Pro controller I’d have gotten that one. Not the one with Joy Con, and your logic might have made a bit more sense. But you don’t see anyone else selling a product with something essential as a controller that just won’t work because of a design flaw after a short period of time.

      Everyone is going after Nintendo’s ass as wel because of the scale of the issue. If 1% of all Switches/Joy Con sold that’s still hundereds of thousands of Switches with defect JoyCon being sold. Since launch day, with no signs of Nintendo improving said design flaw, and even charging customers to get their product fixed. Within the warranty period for a lot of them… The warranty that’s legaly in place so companies don’t sell shit on purpose in hopes consumers have to buy another product again way to soon…

      You don’t hear about off-brand companies being sued, because of the smaller scale mostly. Maybe as well because they’re more difficult to legally go after as wel, Nintendo is represented everywhere with local offices, and for years. Maybe another thing is consumer expectation being higher with Nintendo, then some company anyone barely knows. So in that case you’re correct about it being stupid that we don’t go after them as wel. We should actually, actively. But start-ups that shell shit com and go quickly, so that makes it tougher to go after them.

      In certain points, I can understand your comment about consumers being responsible for not buying shit. But on the other hand, companies simply shouldn’t sell fundamentally badly designed products, and then charge consumers when they want their shit fixed within warranty periods, that are there to, at least stretch, shitty scams like planned obsolescence.

  7. I had drift on one of my joy-cons, after 2 years of owning it. It sucks that it can happen, but I also think these people who are constantly breaking them are probably being too rough. I have a friend who breaks his ps4 control sticks very often, and yet I’ve never had any break on me. It can happen with anything. Also, how is something like this worthy of a lawsuit? I’ll be very surprised if any of these people win in court. I’m not saying this to defend Nintendo, I’m just being realistic. If they were refusing to repair them, then I could see the issue here.

    1. I’ve been extremely careful with my joy cons; I don’t bash them if I’m upset at game, I don’t grip them too hard, and I’ve never even used them for fast paced games like Smash or racing games. But here we are and two of my left joy cons are drifting. This isn’t my fault – I’ve been extremely careful with my joy con – so it has to be Nintendo’s fault considering this is a widespread issue

      1. Yeah, for once, I blame Nintendo on the Joy-Con drifting issues because they didn’t even discover and do a proper research for preventing this for happening to anyone who has the same issue witch has spread like wildfire. I hope this drifting won’t happen again on Nintendo’s next platform and people will start complaining again about the drift issue on it again.

  8. 2 pairs of joy cons for me. Now i just stick to the pro switch controller because I’m not about to lose more money on joy con drift any more.

    I get tired of having to click them back into the switch after having to hold them down and rotate them to temporarily get rid of the problem.

    1. Same here. I think the Joy-Cons drift issue will get carry over to the new Nintendo Switch pro witch I really don’t want that to happen to others who is planning on getting it.

  9. I have not been using my Joy-Cons for 8 months now because I been using my pro controller since the drifting issue started again for my Joy-Con in June. So, I’m still thinking that Nintendo is still doing repairs for the Joy-Cons for free but it seems like they are not doing it for free anymore. Right now they still want people to pay 40$ to fix it witch is stupid now.

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