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Amazon: Nintendo has filed a lawsuit against a Nintendo Switch hack reseller

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Nintendo of America has recently filed a lawsuit against a Nintendo Switch hack reseller on Amazon. It alleges that the seller on Amazon going by the name of Le Hoang Minh is bypassing Nintendo’s copyright processes by selling an ‘RMC Loader’ USB device that ‘jailbreaks’ the Nintendo Switch hardware allowing users who purchase the device to play unauthorised or pirated games. According to the lawsuit that was uncovered by Polygon this week, Nintendo issued a DMCA notice to seller Le Hoang Minh but quickly followed up with an infringement lawsuit as a counterclaim was issued to Nintendo. Subsequently, Amazon has now removed the listing and Nintendo is asking the courts for $2,500 per infringement for damages.

Judging by Nintendo’s track record of successful lawsuits in the past, it won’t be too surprising to see this one being resolved quickly given the nature of the infringement.

You can read more about a previous incident here where Nintendo was looking for $2 million in damages to be paid from a similar seller.


7 thoughts on “Amazon: Nintendo has filed a lawsuit against a Nintendo Switch hack reseller”

  1. They should sue Amazon instead. They profit off of these criminals. It’s Amazon’s job to remove all illegal products. And if they fail to do so they are the ones who should be punished for it!

  2. Whenever I picture Nintendo taking someone to court; I imagine the room being filled with Nintendo Ninjas, Phoenix Wright hired as the lawyer for them, and King Dedede as the judge.

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