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Nintendo has added Sharp as an assembler of its Switch console

Nintendo has been trying to keep up with significant demand of their Switch consoles for most this year, due in large part to Animal Crossing: New Horizons being a major sales success and people staying at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. They’ve also been having to deal with finding ways to adjust to the United States-China trade war. As a result, Nintendo has decided to get some help.

Bloomberg is reporting that, according to “people directly involved in the matter”, Nintendo has added Sharp Corporation as an assembler of their Switch consoles. It is not the first time Nintendo worked with them. In the past, Sharp had assembled Nintendo’s Famicom console and they later provided some “key components” for the 3DS.

Sharp has a factory in Malaysia, an alternative manufacturing site outside of China that Nintendo has been seeking due to the trade war. The factory also has extra capacity, enabling Nintendo to direct some Switch orders there and increase production of console units. According to Bloomberg’s sources, “production volume in the Southeast Asia site is limited”. Foxconn Tech, in China, is still handling the bulk of Switch production in the region.


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