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EU: Multiple consumer groups are collating Joy-Con drift complaints to present to Nintendo

This week, the Dutch Consumers’ Association has advised that it has asked similar organisations from Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia and the European umbrella organisation BEUC to collate complaints from customers who are experiencing ‘Joy-Con drift’. The Belgium and French associations have already compiled a list of a thousand complaints and we’d imagine, give the scope of the request, that the list is about to grow quite rapidly.

“We are making the call because we are getting signals that the Switch will not last as long as consumers might expect. In addition, options for repairing the console are limited, forcing consumers to make expensive replacements. We use the responses to determine what further action to take.” Consumers ‘Association director Sandra Molenaar stated.

The main aim is to highlight the well-known issue to Nintendo and to take it to court if it’s not addressed, but with multiple lawsuits being filed against the company, Nintendo has had to stay rather tight-lipped on the situation. However, Nintendo recently refunded consumers who had paid for Joy-Con repairs for the fault in some countries, so at least that’s a start.

Time will tell if a revised Joy-Con model will be made available in console bundles and for standalone stock, but at the time of writing, we’re yet to hear of any changes to the components used in the Nintendo Switch controllers.


26 thoughts on “EU: Multiple consumer groups are collating Joy-Con drift complaints to present to Nintendo”

    1. Can confirm. My pro controllers suffer from drift, and not even mildly. I need a new controller, but can’t justify spending another $60 on a controller that’s just going to eventually drift. And don’t even get me started on the joycons.

      1. You could replace the joystick which is far more cheaper and easier than spending money in a new controller. All controllers with a joystick are very prone to drifting, some more than others. That being said Joy-cons are not easy to replace because it’s a bit expensive not easy to fix because it’s easy to strip the screws or not properly reassemble.

          1. yeah, i guess that is the only option that some people have to do. But, some people don’t want to spend another pair if there controllers drift again. That is the reason why this issue have gotten attention for a while now.

              1. Well, i didn’t used that rubbing alcohol trick yet because i don’t want to put damage to my Joy-cons.

                However, as for my pro controller I really think it drift a lot now but a while ago, i just watch someone video and you can blow on it and wait for a few minutes or so and then it didn’t drift on me for a while and the drift part just happened again.

                  1. Yeah me too. But at least Nintendo was being honest on there products about these type of issues like these. I hope this issue won’t affect on the new Nintendo Switch pro in 2021.

                    1. Something tells me this will continue being a problem. They’ve had plenty of time to fix this issue, and even the Switch Lite still has this problem even though you can’t buy new joy-cons for those.

    2. The same issue has been dealt with for a few years now. Now many people are starting to get irritated by the drifting on there controllers. They should have kept the Joy-con repairs as free only. This might hurt Nintendo more its going to hurt the fanboys.

    3. My joycons have drift. Not my pro though.

      Also, Nintendo is getting the good type of love at the moment with the joycon broz and the cancelled tournaments.

      1. While I agree with most of his points, Nintendo started their reputation for pulling down fan projects under Iwata. Iwata may have said “It would not be appropriate if we treated people who did something based on affection for Nintendo as criminals.” but the actions of his company during that time tell a different story.

    4. Nintendo’s hardware is trash this gen.
      It feels cheap, it’s overpriced, it’s underpowered, the controllers have drift issues in late 2020 when they are the most expensive when compared to Xbox and PS base controller (also Im still disappointed in the lack of an jack port in the pro controller). Dont get me started on the quality of their paid online

      I love their games but their hardware and buisness decisions are subpar

    5. I recently fixed the drift on my pro controller. It’s pretty easy to take apart if you look up a video. It was shocking how much dirt and dust and cat hair had found it’s way under the joysticks. Now that it’s clean, it works perfectly fine again.

      I’ve also replaced the stick on my left joycon. The repair kit came with two sticks so I have a spare for the next time I need to fix a joycon. The joycon is a little trickier to take apart but the kits come with everything you need.

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