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Ninjala/Puzzle & Dragons collaboration event starts today, merch & fourth season teased

Via a new developer video from the team behind the free-to-play (and pretty successful) title Ninjala, GungHo announced a new Puzzle & Dragons collaboration which kicks off today. The collab brings new avatars, items, decor and a bunch of new accessories for the online game which should keep fans busy until more content hits next year. The event is live until the new year with things wrapping up on 6th January. In celebration of the crossover, Puzzle and Dragons is seeing a discount on the eShop with 66% slashed off the asking price from 10th December.

GungHo also teased details for the fourth season with mention of a ton of improvements coming to the game such as a new stage and weapons. There’s also talk of some Ninjala merchandise being made available next year so fans should keep an eye on socials if they’re wanting to show their support for the game in other ways while donning some undoubtedly bright and colourful Ninjala garb.

You can check out the developer diary video below:

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