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Japan: Square Enix trademarks Chocobo Grand Prix

Square Enix has clearly been carefully watching how the recent influx of karting games have been performing from a sales point of view as they have recently trademarked Chocobo Grand Prix. Trademarks were made for “Chocobo GP” and “Chocobo Grand Prix” on Tuesday, 1st December. As news publication Gematsu reports, these new trademarks could be for a successor to the 1999-released PlayStation title Chocobo Racing. We shall just have to wait and see!


3 thoughts on “Japan: Square Enix trademarks Chocobo Grand Prix”

  1. omg yesssss!!! the mechanics of this game is so unique to other kart racers…. you build up your power ups! like an rpg
    i was screaming for this since the DS days how perfect it would be….. one day.

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