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Mr. Sakurai presents Sephiroth will be roughly 35 minutes on 17th December

We know now that Sephiroth from the revered Final Fantasy VII will be the next downloadable character in the super-fun Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch. To further illustrate how Sephiroth will play in the brawler, Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai, will be hosting Mr. Sakurai Presents “Sephiroth” The Japanese Twitter account for the Smash franchise has said that this particular event will be roughly 35 minutes long.


  1. I’m so hyped for this! I’ve been loving the DLC up until but this is easily my favourite DLC addition so far.

  2. I 100% already feel like he gonna be like the rest of dlc characters, everyone hypes them up because they wanted them and than they get a weird moveset, people claim their op because sakurai played as them really good, everyone plays as him online for the week and he’ll be a less played dlc, while people who are devoted to mains will main him, the only dlc characters who are mostly still use online is, hero and joker being the popular ones, and byleth coming to a close second despite people hating on them for no reason when they were first announce

    1. I think you should learn to use punctuation. It makes long comments easier to read and seem less meandering.

    2. I play against all the dlc characters online honestly. It seems their the only ones I play against actually. It gets very annoying actually since majority are just spamfest rookies

    3. I have the opposite feeling, I think he’s definitely going to be one of, if not, the most used DLC character online. Especially with the range he has with his sword. Not to mention a projectile, a counter, and a second form that’ll probably make his attacks more powerful just like Joker’s. I also doubt he’ll have a weird moveset like Min Min or Steve do. It’s looking pretty straightforward, judging from the trailer. Which could also be another reason why we’ll see him online frequently despite his slow movement speed.

        1. Yeah, I know what you mean. It feels like you have to be very campy with them in order to win (Steve especially). It just gets boring and repetitive shooting Min Min’s dragon laser from across the stage and mining for materials as Steve over and over again every match.

  3. I hope he turns out good and not spammy like most of the other dlc characters.

    I’m interested in playing as min and sephiroth in the second wave. Not sure if I want the season pass yet since I didn’t enjoy the first one much.

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