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‘Dark Reunion’ Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament starts on Christmas Day

If you’re stuck on what to play on Christmas Day and you have a copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, then you may want to dive into your copy of the all-star Switch exclusive as there’s a new tournament on the horizon. For three days from the 25th December, the ‘Dark Reunion’ tourney takes place and it’s celebrating ‘fighters who embrace the darkness’. Naturally, Final Fantasy villain Sephiroth is taking main stage on Nintendo’s socials but there’s a whole host of fighters to choose from that fit the bill.

It’s also worth noting that the game was updated recently and we’ve got the patch notes for your viewing pleasure which you can view just over here.


6 thoughts on “‘Dark Reunion’ Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament starts on Christmas Day”

    1. Can we all shut up about a game that came out 19 years ago? Yeah, we can’t play a 19 year old game ONLINE….. What are we arguing here? I shouldn’t have to explain what Sakurai is currently doing/ has done for Ultimate. So the online is crap…. It is still a outstanding game. No this will not be cancelled, its an online tourney.

  1. It’s funny how Nintendo thinks people have nothing better to do.

    Especially after all the recent shit they pulled.

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