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Next EDGE magazine is a Hollow Knight: Silksong special

The next edition of UK video gaming magazine EDGE, which is available on 31st December, is a special edition with a big feature for the long-awaited indie game Hollow Knight: Silksong. Jen Simpkins, who worked on the issue, says that the team watched a large demo of the eerie 2D action platformer. The demo was based on the game’s opening areas and she has clarified that Team Cherry didn’t mention about releasing the demo to the general public, in case you were interested. More information on Hollow Knight: Silksong should become available next week!

9 thoughts on “Next EDGE magazine is a Hollow Knight: Silksong special”

  1. Finally some news. I haven’t played Hollow Knight because I have been waiting for this since announcement in 2018 because it will improve probably on everything

    1. You should definitely play Hollow Knight first. Silksong is no longer an update for Hollow Knight and is now a stand-alone game, a sequel even, with its own lore and setting to call its own. I bet they’ll throw HK fans a bone and have some extra HK lore of some kind, but again this isn’t an update to Hollow Knight so you shouldn’t wait for this before playing HK

      1. The thing is I do not have enough brain capacity fast paced to play so many side scrollers back to back. I just finished the excellent Ori WoW and could use a few other months to play another indie side scroller. So I can wait Silksong.

        1. That’s fair enough. I’m fairly certain we’ll be able to play Silksong without needing to play Hollow Knight to fully enjoy it. Just, don’t skimp out on Hollow Knight once you get the chance to play it. It’s one of my favorite Metroidvanias and it’s definitely worth playing even after you play Silksong

    2. If you ask me it’s unlikely this game will be as good as the original, if only because of how rare it is in the industry to catch lightning in a bottle twice in a row.

      I’d say it will still be fantastic but I’d still drop everything and play HK first. One of my favourite games.

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