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NA: Delisted DSiWare games have reappeared on 3DS eShop

Last week we reported that Nintendo had delisted a ton of DSiWare games from the 3DS eShop without any warning with over 250 games out of the 448 available being pulled with effect from the 1st January. Thankfully, most of them have reappeared on the digital storefront with only a few exceptions with the bulk of the catalogue making a return on 7th January. By 9th January, the majority of them had reappeared. At the time of writing,  5 in 1 Solitaire, Digger Dan and Kaboom, Face Pilot: Fly With Your Nintendo DSi Camera!, Match Up! and Word Searcher 3 are the only titles that haven’t made their way back on the eShop.

Nintendo hasn’t addressed the issues surrounding their removal, and we don’t expect an announcement, but it’s good news for players who may have wanted to purchase some of the DSiWare games down the line.


9 thoughts on “NA: Delisted DSiWare games have reappeared on 3DS eShop”

    1. That…was pretty hopeful of you ngl. I doubt Ninty has plans to bring DS games over to the Switch any time soon

    2. I really doubt we’ll ever get DS games on the Switch (unless you’re counting individual releases from publishers like Mega Man Collection).

      Maybe GBA or N64 but even for that i have my doubts.

    1. Because some of us didn’t think to get some of the great DSi ware while it was available.

      I personally didn’t realize that Mr. Digger was on the DSi.

  1. Nice. A New 2ds just came in mail for me. Going to put a bunch of games on it and give it to my friend’s kid. Glad the DSi games are back for now.

  2. Nice to see it back, there is no reason to Nintendo remove it unless the publishers of each game personally ask them to remove it.

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