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New details revealed regarding Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

Nintendo UK has shared new information regarding Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury on their official website. Earlier this week, Nintendo provided gamers with the first look at Bowser’s Fury which looks like an impressive extra game included with the enhanced Wii U port of the acclaimed Super Mario 3D World. Read on for details regarding what to expect from Bowser’s Fury direct from Nintendo:

“Something bad has happened to Bowser. He’s been tainted by a mysterious black goop, turning him into a humongous monster bent on total destruction!

It’s up to Mario and an unlikely companion to travel across a series of islands on Lake Lapcat, collect the mysterious Cat Shines by completing different platforming challenges, and harness their power to stop the terrifying Fury Bowser.

With his papa transformed, Bowser Jr.’s only hope to save his dad lies with his greatest enemy. Piloting his Koopa Clown Car, the young prince joins Mario on his quest, copying all of his moves, helping him take out enemies, and uncovering power-ups and other secrets that’ll help you out.

Pass a Joy-Con to a friend and play in local co-op, with one player taking control of the little tyke directly to assist in your hunt for the Cat Shines.

As you search high and low for the Cat Shines, the evil-looking Fury Sun will slowly rise out of the lake, near the island that you’re currently on.

When the weather suddenly changes from sunny to stormy, it’s time to get a move on, as Fury Bowser’s almost there! Once he emerges from the Fury Sun, he’ll summon meteors from the sky and fire devasting fiery beams at you – so take cover!

While you can wait out the devastation, you aren’t entirely helpless. If you’ve collected five Cat Shines on an island, it’s time to activate the awesome power of the Giga Bell! This gargantuan Super Bell transforms Mario into Giga Cat Mario, meaning he can fight Fury Bowser in a truly titanic tussle.

Defeat Fury Bowser in your massive feline form and he’ll be sent flying back into the water, unlocking new islands for you to explore. Don’t spend too long celebrating your victory, as he’ll be back…

Collected during your adventures in the Sprixie Kingdom, Stamps gain a brand new use in Super Mario 3D + Bowser’s Fury – thanks to Snapshot Mode. Line up your perfect shot, decorate the background with any Stamps you’ve gathered on your travels and then say cheese!

Happy with your snaps? Why not post your favourite ones on social media using the Nintendo Switch’s built-in Share function.”


8 thoughts on “New details revealed regarding Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury”

  1. This. Sounds. Amazing. I was so worried that BF would only occur on one island, so hearing that there’s more to explore is unbelievably reassuring.

    Of course, they barely told us anything, but the fact that what they revealed isn’t the entirety of BF is what’s so reassuring to me, even if they revealed no information regarding what happens next; what matters is that something DOES happen next; to me, that is what’s most important.

    I cannot wait for this wonderful-package-of-a-game to come out, and I hope that BF ends up being very enjoyable, decent, and worthwhile. This *is* Nintendo we’re talking about, after all; if anyone can make a game of quality, it should be them.

    (P.S. I feel like Pokemon SWSH left me with a nasty, bitter taste in my mouth regarding DLCs which is why I feel I was worried upon first watching the new trailer for BF. Overall, I really hope that BF still has more in store for us, even if it isn’t crazy, insane, or even mind-blowing; literally *ANY* DLC with effort beats SWSH’s crappy DLC, and that, to me, is undoubtedly a win in my book.)

    1. Sounds like each island will have only 5 cat shines though. I’m expecting the Bowser’s Fury portion to be a short DLC-like campaign, 2-3 hours. If it’s good it’s good, but I dunno if $60 good.

  2. “Something bad has happened to Bowser. He’s been tainted by a mysterious black goop, turning him into a humongous monster bent on total destruction!”

    Man, sounds like a right “Calamity” has made it’s way to Bowser.

      1. I think fawful is behind it. It’s called bowsers FURY and the logo has dark spores. Both are references to fawful

      2. Fawful would be cool but I kinda doubt it. Plus I thought “fury” was chosen just because it’s close to the word “furry” and with the whole cat theme and all.

  3. Sounds like they’re inserting everything I hate in 3D Mario games into a 3D Mario game that I really enjoyed because it didn’t have any of those aspects that I hate. Oh well, I’m sure lots of people will love it.

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