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Digital Foundry: Doom Eternal docked is 720p-540p handheld 612p-360p and 30fps

Tech publication Digital Foundry has examined the ultra-violent but acclaimed DOOM Eternal video game for the Nintendo Switch. The team have come away massively impressed by what Panic Button have managed to achieve with the hybrid platform. The game’s resolution maxes out in docked mode at 720p-540p and in handheld is between 612p -360p. Digital Foundry says that a 30fps frame-rate is maintained most of the time. Here’s their closing thoughts:

“Not only that, it’s clearly some of the finest work Panic Button has done yet. It exhibits many of the same sacrifices as its prior ports, but offers a considerably smoother overall frame-rate while improving resolution over the Wolfenstein titles. The fact that it delivers a near locked 30 frames per second experience versus the unstable results of the prior games is a huge achievement, especially when you factor in how much more challenging Doom Eternal is to convert across in the first place. Ultimately, this is Doom Eternal… and now it’s available to play on a handheld.”

10 thoughts on “Digital Foundry: Doom Eternal docked is 720p-540p handheld 612p-360p and 30fps”

  1. I honestly think why they were able to pump more resolution, graphic and performance out of Eternal more than 2016, for the Switch port, was bc of the game being fully developed on the Vulkan api and not as a afterthought like 2016.

  2. Well, this is it. This is not the way to play this game. The Switch has been one of my favorite systems ever from Nintendo (and i had all of them since i am a child) but this shows that it is not longer capable of running triple AAA games from third party.

    We need a Switch hardware update. Something that runs at least at 1080p this games on portable at 60fps.

    I am not a graphics – only enthusiast, but it only shows its age and lack of power at this point.

    1. Yeah will Ghost of Tsushima and TLOU2 push the PS4 to it’s limits and yet sold less units than Animal Crossing. Fascinating how they all debuted in 2020.

      The interesting part is the games that are on the other consoles getting 1080P 60fps are selling less software than Animal Crossing.

      If the Switch is really as outdated as it seems why are the worst graphical games on the Switch selling better than PS4 and Xbox One best graphical games?

      5 million PS5 units sold globally not one PS5 owner bought enough Spider Man to keep that title in top 10 with Mario Kart 8 or Animal Crossing. But all the hype was the PS5 version was going to be the best version. Yet why isn’t it there in the sales charts?

      So once Halo drops on Series X do we expect that to end up in top 10 best sellers as long as Aninal Crossing ? Are is it all talk and Mumble Jumble?
      These developers be working their buts off making games on PS5and Series X and because people complain about graphics yet dont buy the damn software to keep it top 10 like Animal Crossing.

      So are people just buying the next generation consoles just to say they bought it? Because they sure as hell ain’t buying no games to keep them top 10 like Animal Crossing.

      1. Well Grutilda, it seems that you missunderstood what i said. One thing is how well those games are sold, and other thing is how they were meant to be played. I was trying to say that’s a shame that a game that developers took so hard to make, looks and plays in a way that is not intended. This is coming from a Guy who plays Doom 2016 in his switch all day long, but i also saw how Eternal performs worse than the other one.

        1. I only played Animal Crossing when it was on Gamecube. After 1 month or two I stopped playing it.

          Hard times with Wii U? If I really had hard times with my Wii U then why is Switch getting all its games? It wasnt the software or hardware issue with the Wii U it was the way Nintendo presented it. Had it been an actual Wii Pro. That would had been epic because then people would had known what Wii U was. The Switch is nothing but the complete concept of what the Wii U was.

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