Pokemon Rumble developer acquired by Creatures Inc

Ambrella, which is the development studio behind the hit mobile title Pokemon Rumble, and other Pokemon titles, have announced that they have been acquired by Creatures Inc. Creatures Inc have said that the move will mean that they will gain all property rights of the studio’s work and the studio will be dissolved as a result. Creatures Inc is very closely linked to The Pokemon Company and was founded by The Pokemon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara and then-president of HAL Laboratory, the late Satoru Iwata. Nintendo Life states that this business acquisition took place towards the end of last year you can read the announcement here.

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  1. Whyyyy T^T

    They need to focus on improving the mainline games instead of spreading their efforts thin on mediocre spinoffs.


  2. “and the studio will be dissolved as a result”
    I’m assuming this just means their offices, and not all of the staff, right? If all of the former staff is going to be unemployed, that’s pretty horrible. But if they’re all just moving into the Creatures Inc. offices, then I suppose it’s a win-win situations: the employees will keep their jobs, and Creatures Inc. will have more staff available. Really hope it’s the latter.

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  3. Pokémon Rumble started out as a really fun game but it got worst and worst with each sequel that it has now fallen so badly to the point that their last game (Pokémon Rumble Rush for mobile devices) was canceled before it could even reach its 1st year anniversary. Is really sad, this series had good potential but greed ruined it…


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