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Pokemon unveils virtual music concert with Post Malone to celebrate 25th Anniversary

Pokémon unveiled plans today for a virtual music concert celebrating its 25th anniversary. The pop-culture brand broke the news with help from headliner and Pokémon fan Post Malone in a video that can be seen here

Taking place on Saturday, February 27—better known as Pokémon Day—the event will be an online party not just for Pokémon fans but for all music fans around the world. It will also serve as the launch activation for the franchise’s yearlong P25 Music program. The Pokémon Company International has teamed up with Universal Music Group to bring this concert and more music surprises to life throughout 2021 as part of P25 Music. P25 Music is a collaboration with some of music’s biggest names to create new songs, styles, and pop-culture moments, all through the lens of Pokémon. Pop icon Katy Perry was announced last month as the program’s premier artist.

“I’ve been a Pokémon fan for a long time, so the opportunity to headline the Pokémon Day concert celebrating 25 years is awesome,” said Post Malone. 

The concert will be free to view on the official Pokémon YouTube channel, Pokémon’s official Twitch channel, and on Pokémon’s 25th anniversary website beginning at 7:00 p.m. EST / 4:00 p.m. PST on February 27 (0:00 a.m. GMT on February 28) . Pokémon will unveil more P25 Music details at the end of the concert, so fans will want to tune in for more upcoming collaboration surprises.

In anticipation of the concert, The Pokémon Company International will host several celebratory activations across the brand in the week leading up to the virtual music event. In addition to the previously announced Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto event on Saturday, February 20, The Pokémon Company International will distribute a special password on February 25 for players of the Pokémon video game franchise to add a special Pikachu to their Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield games. In keeping with the music theme for the year, this Pikachu knows the move Sing, which it can’t ordinarily learn. On February 27, fans can tune in to Pokémon TV, either on the web or by downloading the app, for a curated selection of music-themed episodes of the popular Pokémon animated series as they prepare for the big Pokémon Day concert with Post Malone in the evening. Fans can expect more announcements that week from across the franchise.

To stay up to date on all the latest news as Pokémon celebrates 25 years, fans can visit and join the conversation online with #Pokemon25.

Source: The Pokemon Company PR

8 thoughts on “Pokemon unveils virtual music concert with Post Malone to celebrate 25th Anniversary”

  1. Dam first fire emblem with boring voice actor video now pokemon with a music concert. So much for the hype about a bunch of new games for this being the year of aniversory. With all the delays so far and all us being left in the dark 2021 is shaping up to be no better then 2020. :(

    1. Fire Emblem’s anniversary isn’t until April so that voice actor video isn’t the only thing they’re going to do for it. Pokemon confirmed they’re going to be announcing stuff several during the week of the anniversary. It’s still early days.

      1. I hope so many games were promised to us this year that I really want to play. Ps4/ps5 games mind you but some switch games to. I honesty thought that being a Sony fan AND a nintendo fan would mean I would never run low on games to play, CORVID 19 proved me wrong.

  2. I neither care for Post Baloney or Katie Patties.

    It’s a funny choice of icon. A weed smoking rapper with grafities all over his face to represent a brand first and foremost marketted to children.

    Same with Patties Curry. The franchise struggles to even show female characters’ natural cleavage. Not so…with Katie Pastry. She’s all that, and more…

    Damn the autocorrect… I’m leaving the names in there!😂

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