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Insider says Nintendo Switch Pro will feature some exclusive games to the system

Bloomberg announced yesterday that their sources have told them that Nintendo is readying a Nintendo Switch Pro system which will feature 4K resolution when docked and a 7-inch 720p-resolution OLED screen. Now it has emerged from Reset Era industry insider Nate Drake that the system will be home to a handful of exclusives titles which won’t appear on the standard Switch, similar to what happened with the New Nintendo 3DS.

There will be some select exclusives, especially from third-party partners. May not be a big number of them, but I know of at least one.

Reset Era member Nate Drake

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43 thoughts on “Insider says Nintendo Switch Pro will feature some exclusive games to the system”

    1. OMG Yeah I can’t wait for more Wii U ports!! I hate new games! Remember when Nintendo released Animal Crossing in 2020?? YUCK! I’m so glad Nintendo has stopped making new games and is solely focusing on releasing old games. I can’t wait for my Skyward Sword Rerelease. I’m sooo thankful that they didn’t update any of the colors, textures, or models. I really like it when it feels like I’m playing it on the Wii but in HD. I could always use a Wii U to play games in HD but… I’d rather development time be used to bring them to the Switch. I hope they do the same thing with Xenoblade.

  1. And this is exactly why I don’t want this damn system to exist!

    This is the crap no one ever brings up or talks about.

    1. It’ll most likely be games that are currently cloud only on the Switch. In fact, I won’t be surprised if any game gets announced as Pro only they’ll also have a cloud version available for the base model.

    2. Then we’re all fucked. But seriously, I don’t think Nintendo will make a massively improved Switch until Switch 2. I’m more concerned about games being download exclusive than games being Switch Pro exclusive.

      1. Compared to a second system, bigger microSD cards don’t cost that much (assuming you run out of space). Other than that, how’s that even an issue comparable to this?

        And I really hope that isn’t a tongue-and-cheek way of saying you don’t care, because that’s pretty insensitive to those who DO care,

      1. A new F-Zero game.

        The Switch has at least one game from all of Nintendo’s heavy-hitting franchises; it’s high time they gave some attention to the littler guys. I’m sick of Nintendo treating Star Fox, Custom Robo, and especially F-Zero like unwanted bastard children.

    1. Why would they make F-Zero pro exclusive. It’ll already have less sales due to it be a less popular IP and being in such a specific genre. Having it only playable on the Pro would make it a complete flop

      1. This is exactly the problem Nintendo will have. Making games that can only run on the newer model when there’s now the accumulation of a big switch fan base, they just wouldn’t hit the sales figures.
        The only way is to do what they did with PS4 and enhance games more for the pro model, maybe there will be some third party titles that will only run on the pro model as some of these games would possibly not make it to switch anyway, but yet again it would have to be worth it for sales figures.
        Either way there’s definitely something brewing with regards a switch pro model.
        Not sure what they’ll name it, but it certainly won’t be switch pro.

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    1. lmao.. sry what? the first original Nintendo DS was released in 2004 and the 3ds was released in 2011.. just because you bought your Nintendo DS at the end of its life cycle doesnt mean its Nintendo’s fault for releasing a totally new handheld after 7 years of their previous one

      1. I think the confusion could be in the actual system.

        This is what happened between the 3ds(xl) and the new iteration of 3ds the “new 3dsxl” which had the ability to play certain SNES games that the regular 3DS XL “couldn’t handle “.

        I might be jumping the gun on what’s being said but this was definitely an annoying feature that in my opinion, didn’t make sense to do.

  3. This always makes me uneasy. They put out these halfway consoles that don’t have enough exclusives to be worth buying, but also always make you feel like your old console is inadequate. I wish they would just hold off until it was time for a new console and then make a clean break.

  4. I don’t mind since I plan on buying one. Sucks for those that already have a switch and don’t want to upgrade. The ones they make exclusive will probably be pretty niche games. Like xenoblade was for the 3ds.

  5. I… really, really, really hate it when they upgrade console specs mid-generation. I should have waited until the Pro and only bought a Lite beforehand.

  6. The question I have is will it be more powerful specs wise? The rumours say a bigger screen and 4K in Docked but how will the specs compare?

    1. It is possible though that Nintendo will increase the clocks of the current Tegra, Modern Vintage Gamer commented on it stating the current Tegra chip being using on the Switch is very underclocked . It could easily push higher clocks and performance with the proper cooling and casing.

      Also “4K” could possible be achieved with an internal scaling chip inside a new dock model or using a custom version DLSS made for the Switch.

      1. DLSS wont work on tegra chips. So it’s likely going to be a custom ampere or Turing chip.
        The dock will most definitely be more than just a cable adapter. it will house some extra hardware needed to scale up to 4k

      1. The New 3DS had SNES games and the 3DS did not. Of course, weirdly the Wii U had GBA and DS games but the 3DS didn’t.

        Nintendo is unpredictable to a fault.

  7. Yea I don’t know if Nintnedo would be making exclusive games for the Pro, maybe better graphics for a Nintendo game on pro, but not exclusive.

    If this person does know of one exclusive, I’m guessing it would be a Capcom game that already is out on other platforms. They seem eager to push the limits of the Switch with their cloud offerings. I would guess RE7/Biohazard or RE2 remake would be relatively simple ports. But hey, it’s all rumors ’til we get the Direct.

    1. I think they will have exclusives but it could be just like the New 3DS which had very very few games. The install base on the standard Switch is way too big for third party developers to ignore, most will want to reach as much costumers possible.

  8. 3rd party games I can live without on Switch since I also have a Sony PS so hopefully those are the ones exclusive to this Switch Pro thing. But if we’re talking must have Nintendo games well then if that forces me to buy an entire console just to play it then so be it. But there aren’t any games on PS4 Pro that aren’t also on base PS4. PS5 will have it’s exclusives but for now games are made for both which is great for us without a PS5 yet.

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