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Apex Legends adds a permanent solo option as Switch launch looms

EA and Respawn Entertainment are gearing up to release Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch platform this Tuesday. The companies have announced that they are planning to add a No-Fill matchmaking option which will allow you to compete solo, rather than filling in your team with other players. If you filter the game with these options then you will enter matches as a team of one against teams of two or three.

“In the lobby, you’ll now see a checkbox entitled “Fill Matchmaking”. This means the matchmaking system will attempt to fill your squad to Duos or Trios, whichever you queued for. This is how the game has worked up to this point, and will be the default setting after every match you play.

Unchecking this box and clicking Play will send your party into your selected playlist without filling your team with other players. So, if you solo queue into Trios, with “Fill Matchmaking” unchecked, you’ll go in alone. You’ll be on a team of one, against teams of three.

We still strongly believe that, at its best, Apex Legends is a game about teamplay. But we’re launching this No-Fill matchmaking as an option for solo players because we think it gives a lot of creative opportunities for you to play the game your way.

Here’s some things you might want to use No-Fill Matchmaking for:

  • Focus on completing certain Daily and Weekly challenges
  • Warm up, drop hot, and get into lots of fights
  • Challenge yourself—can you win a round of Duos alone? How about Trios?
  • Experience the latest lore teaser on your own
  • Explore the map and experiment with characters you haven’t tried before; Take an opportunity to learn a bit more about the game at your own pace.

We have some limitations in place for No-Fill matchmaking, because we don’t want it to greatly disrupt the experience or pacing of the game for other players. We only allow six potential No-Fill players in any match, and the feature isn’t available in Ranked.

Give it a shot and let us know what you think.”

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