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Niantic reveals it’s testing new Pokemon GO feature revealing what’s in players Eggs

Niantic, the creators behind the smash hit mobile title Pokemon GO, have recently announced that they are in the process of testing a new feature for players which will enable them to see which Pokemon could hatch from the Eggs contained within their inventory. This new feature is currently rolling out to a small number of Pokemon GO fans accounts and those who are chosen will be able to tap their Egg to see a list of possible Pokemon along with their rarity level. However, the company says that this feature won’t show whether the Egg chosen by the player contains a Shiny Pokemon.

4 thoughts on “Niantic reveals it’s testing new Pokemon GO feature revealing what’s in players Eggs”

  1. I’m ready for a gen 5 remake where I can catch Zekrom. Cheren can blow Avery and Hop out of the water because he reminds me of Uryu Ishida. Bianca is cute just like the Spyro character.

    1. we get it, you dont like Avery and Hop, dont need to tell us every 5 seconds.

      as for the current topic, thats actually neat especially for new players so they can see if they dont have a Pokemon registered or if they need more fodder for candy.

    2. @BanditKeith21
      I can’t wait to see how you feel about new characters you hate just as much as Avery and Hop. You remind me of James Jonah Jameson youtube accounts that blame spider man for everything that goes wrong in the world.

    3. @banditkeith

      Gamefreak scammed you. You get Melony but you’re stuck with that loser Avery on isle of armor. They waited until after you brought shield to let you know you picked the wrong game.

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