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Official PlayStation Magazine ranks the Final Fantasy series

The latest issue of the UK Official PlayStation Magazine has taken time out to rank what they deem to be the best Final Fantasy games of all-time. As you will be aware, a large number of the classic JRPG’s are currently available via the Nintendo Switch eShop, so if you’re curious about which one to download then this list should be of some help to you. Without further ado here’s the Official PlayStation Magazine’s favourite Final Fantasy games:

16. Final Fantasy XI
15. Final Fantasy I
14. Final Fantasy II
13. Final Fantasy III
12. Final Fantasy V
11. Final Fantasy XIII
10. Final Fantasy IV
09. Final Fantasy VIII
08. Final Fantasy XV
07. Final Fantasy X
06. Final Fantasy VI
05. Final Fantasy VII
04. Final Fantasy XIV
03. Final Fantasy IX
02. Final Fantasy VII Remake
01. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

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25 thoughts on “Official PlayStation Magazine ranks the Final Fantasy series”

  1. At first I didn’t realise the list was in reverse and was like “what the heck is FFXII doing at the absolute bottom?”. Realizing that now makes it much more plausible.

    Though naturally, these lists are always very subjective and won’t match every player’s opinions. For me personally, FFX would be way higher up the list, but then I also know that some people aren’t quite a big fan of it.

  2. Load of rubbish
    Xii is one of my personal worst and how can 8 be that low down

    I thought 3 was 6.. thought they were the same game

    1. our 3 was 6, and our 2 was 4, but there are a real 2 and 3 – we got them re-released / remade on DS a few years back

    2. No one calls FF6 FF3 anymore. There was a real FF3 for the Famicom that was Japan-only, but has been remade internationally for the DS.

    1. Well I would have played it if they had released that promised Mobile version of the game that was rumoured for like a decade straight.

      1. Any mobile version they make would never, ever live up to the legacy that the original game bears on its shoulders. Plus, there are lots of ways to make playing the PC version easier. I highly recommend it – FFXI is one of the best MMORPGs out there, and one of the best FF games. Easily a top five or a number one.

  3. Isn’t XI the most profitable game in the series? SE literally said it was the game that kept them from collapsing entirely after XIV’s disaster.

    1. Xi was the most profitable until fairly recently. Xiv passed it sometime the past few years and is really hitting its own stride now.

  4. This is amazing. So if it wasnt for Final Fantasy I wouldn’t be enjoying Bravely Default II right now. Bravely Default II. THAT IS INE HELL.OF A GAME. ITS HARD

    It kind of reminds me of chess.or Pokemon. I have to really think before I make my next move. I know enemy Benard is going to be a really tough battle.

  5. Mainline games only, I see.

    1. FFX
    2. FFX-2
    3. FFXV

    This list will change once all games of FFVIIR releases & I’ve played them. And my list will get bigger as I got the releases of other FF games on my PS4 that I’ll play at some point. Might as well give the #1 spot to 7R now, though. Lol

    That said, XV would be #1 if they had released Episodes Aranea, Lunafreya, & Noctis as I’ve read the summary for them & the ending they give the game sounds superior to the original ending. Bahamut has a far bigger (and better) role in those episodes. Also, Lunafreya’s fate isn’t a knockoff of Aerith’s. *sigh* Maybe one day they’ll remake FFXV & make that alternate ending into the game’s true ending.

  6. Putting 14 at number 4 just tells you what kind of player you are (you filthy casual lol). Putting xi at the bottom is such a disservice to an amazing game with probably one of the deepest stories in FF history as well as it being an MMO. These people have never played xi

  7. FF11 as last? Are you joking? Did you even play it for more than 5 hours? Also this list is so obviously biased for what would make them the most money if people saw what they rated as the best. I also think remakes shouldn’t be allowed on the list. The fact that you included some remakes but not all is a bit unfair. The more I look at this list the more I am convinced it was made just to try to get people to buy the “best” ones.

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