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Square Enix has announced the first digital-direct Square Enix Presents airing on 18th March

Balan Wonderworld artwork

Square Enix is gearing up for their first digital presentation titled Square Enix Presents. The show will debut on Thursday 18th March at 10am PT/ 5pm UK time and will excitingly run for 40 minutes. The show promises to contain the world premier for the next Life is Strange game, Life is Strange 3, as well as trailers and announcements from the company’s upcoming range of games including Balan Wonderworld. You will be able to catch Square Enix Presents on YouTube and Twitch via the official Square Enix channels.

12 thoughts on “Square Enix has announced the first digital-direct Square Enix Presents airing on 18th March”

    1. Yeah it needs a huge graphic boost, and controls need to be rework a bit, its ashame that you can’t find any ingame pictures on eshop, and the only good ones are the cutscenes

      1. Honestly the way it plays is my biggest concern. Looking at the way the charcater moves and transforms and the fact they can only jump or use abilities, not both. It’s very shady they don’t include photos on eShop besides cutscenes, really misleading practice

      1. I’m a Smash Bros and Nintendo fan. I’m obligated to assume every single video game event will have a Smash reveal

  1. It’s almost disturbing how the devs think this game has zero flaws and doesn’t need to be pushed back further.

    Do they WANT this game to fail, as an excuse to weasel out of future 3D platformers?

  2. A delay could save Balan Wonderworld from the slow gameplay, even slower costume changes, and general choppiness. It WON’T save it from the boring level design, limited player input, and arbitrary quick-time event bonus minigames.

    I wanted to like it, I really did, but the demo in its current form gives me little hope.

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