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Atelier Ryza 1 & 2 have both shipped one million copies combined

Koei Tecmo is in celebratory mode this afternoon as they have announced that they have now shipped over one million copies of the Ryza franchise, Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout and Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy. To celebrate this milestone the company will release a special downloadable content costume to players of both games at a later date. Koei Tecmo also provided a piece of new artwork to celebrate, which you can view above.

5 thoughts on “Atelier Ryza 1 & 2 have both shipped one million copies combined”

  1. I’ve wanted to try these games out but I can’t ever find a good deal on any of them. They look like they could be fun but I’m also cautious of fanservice type games.

    1. I played the first and the sequel is on my backlog.
      First game was alright, nothing terrible about it but also nothing particular amazing either.
      It’s got a neat item/weapon crafting system with it’s alchemy which ties in well with the battle system (which is ATB) and the overall gameplay loop.

      It’s got a incredibly bland slice of life anime story that didn’t do anything for me and the characters have the depth of a puddle, though I can’t say I really disliked any of them by the end of the game (sorta just neutral)
      Oh, and aside from the dummy thicc protagonist and a couple of other character designs, the game is pretty light on fan service.
      Anyways there’s my anime game review, hope it helps.

      1. Lol thanks for the info. I’m more of a story type person so I’ll keep it on my “try the demo first” list. I’m not sure if any of them have demos out.

    1. I think the real problem is her neck is as thin as or thinner than her wrists.
      The rest of the character model is “believable.”

      I love all shapes and sizes of people. Everyone should be happy with and love their body. Just throwing that out there.

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