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Monster Hunter Rise spirit event in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate starts today

The next themed spirit event for the popular all-star brawler, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, is all about the recently-released Monster Hunter Rise. For the next five days starting today (2nd April), three new spirits will appear in the exclusive Nintendo Switch game. Spirit events occur every week or so and when this happens, certain spirits who fit the theme will spawn with the word “Event” displaying on their cards and defeating these spirits will grant bonus rewards that depend on the event. Players can add Magnamalo, Palico, and Palamute to their collection.



      1. Anything is possible, but I doubt they’d release these spirits in an event when they plan on releasing the Hunter within the next 4-5 months.

        My mind would definitely change if they announced another pass or even some one off DLC later down the road, but we’ll see

  1. Not gonna lie, with this and the Mii costumes released, I think Hunter’s chances have dropped a lot. At least this means the “Concert Leak” is likely wrong.

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