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Ubisoft says developing Fenyx Rising for Switch was a challenge but happy with the results

Immortals Fenyx Rising associate director Julien Galloudec has spoken about the challenges that the team had faced when developing the lavish open world adventure Immortals Fenyx Rising for the Nintendo Switch. Mr. Galloudec talked briefly about the optimisation work which was done and said that their goal for each platform was to make the overall experience the same, but tweaked to the hardware it was developed on. He concluded by saying that the team at Ubisoft were happy with the results.

“And for the Switch, it has been a challenge definitely. The key was to look at the game in different pieces and see depending on the context what we can optimize, what we can change, what can for example be less dynamic without touching the experience.

That was a big focus – making sure that no matter the platform, the experience is the same, but tailored and tweaked to the specificities of the platform and make sure that the sense of the experience is the same. So that has been quite a challenge, but we are very happy with the results on all platforms, managing to get the best out of it.”


4 thoughts on “Ubisoft says developing Fenyx Rising for Switch was a challenge but happy with the results”

  1. First Ubisoft game I got for a long time.
    Hate how it tries to force feed the online crap, but otherwise been a fun game so far.

  2. “So here’s what we had to do to create immortals fenix rising, we took zelda botw stripped it off all color graphic and characters, we then remasked Zelda with our game and here we are”……. the game is a blantant copy of botw yes the game is fun but how are they getting away with the obvious plagerism.

  3. Blatant promotion push for a ripped off game.

    Its fun, but thats because BOTW was fun and we undeniably want more of the same. I cringe everytime I pick up a rock or see the stamina bar…

    But saying it was a challenge to get it on the Switch!?! ITS A RIPPED OFF SWITCH GAME!!!! I’m actually beginning to regret my purchase.

    1. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, BOTW took inspiration from Skyrim. God of War (PS2), Ninja Gaiden (Xbx), Rygar (PS2/Wii) all took inspiration from Devil May Cry (PS2), while Ghost Rider (PS2/XBX), Dante’s Inferno (PS3/360), Castlevania Lords of Shadow (PS3/360) were inspired by God of War (PS2). The point I’m making is, it’s ok to imitate as long as you innovate, other wise it’s plagiarism.

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