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Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness show coming to Netflix this July

Capcom and Netflix have announced that they are bringing the Resident Evil franchise to the popular streaming service. The show is called Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness and is a CGI series which will feature Leon S. Kennedy (Nick Apostolides) and Claire Redfield (Stephanie Panisello). The show will be directed by Eiichiro Hasumi and composed by Yugo Kanno.

“Being involved in a work with such a long history and so many fans gave me more joy than it did pressure. While this is a full CG anime, I strove to adjust the camerawork and lighting atmosphere to resemble the live-action filming I usually do to instill this work with a sense of realism. I hope that both fans of the Resident Evil series and non-fans alike can enjoy watching the series in one go.”

  • Eiichiro Hasumi
  • “I inherited the spirit of the many people who worked on the previous Resident Evil titles and took on the challenge of creating a new atmosphere through trial-and-error,” added Kanno. “I was keenly aware that this work would be released on Netflix, so I focused on the scale of a Hollywood film so that overseas viewers could also enjoy this. Since I received the same detailed orders as usual from Director Hasumi, I was not particularly conscious of the fact this was an animation during its production. In fact, it feels like I am only now realising that this is an animated series.”

  • Yugo Kanno
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