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Rumour: It seems Nintendo Labo could be being discontinued

Nintendo released its innovative Labo franchise for the Nintendo Switch back in 2018 to create new gameplay experiences for younger users who own the console. However, as of late we haven’t heard too much about it. Twitter user Akfamilyhome noticed that the North American site for the product has been taken down and just redirects to the standard page for the VR kit, leading people to believe that it is simply being put to rest. Notable Nintendo insider Emily Rogers has chimed in and says that “we’ll get one more tiny announcement before Labo rides off into the sunset.” Nintendo has yet to confirm what it happening to the product. It sounds as though there could be a tie in for the upcoming New Pokemon Snap which launches 30th April.

17 thoughts on “Rumour: It seems Nintendo Labo could be being discontinued”

    1. So they say except there are other companies (not just video games but 3D puzzles) doing the same thing but without the software and selling them for 2-3 times what Labo is going for minus the software.

      1. Oh so you think digital games aren’t worth anything do you? Wonder how far that logic would go when your phone doesn’t have an OS. It is digital, after all.

  1. It was a bit of a gimmick I spose.
    I had a short tinker with it and then my daughter made most use of it, but it just isn’t something worth continued time. Maybe il sell it to a collector for a small fortune in a couple of decades

  2. LABO was the biggest joke I can think of that Nintendo has ever made. I mean seriously…….CARDBOARD? And I always complained about the gimmicky attachments for the Wii. But, CARDBOARD?

  3. Been thinking of getting the variety kit for the midi piano and ability to create other cardboard midi instruments in the programming mode.

    Maybe I could use some sheet metal or wood to make a metal or wooden labo instrument.

  4. I don’t get the hate. I thought it’s innovative and did what it was set out to do. It’s meant to be enjoyed by a certain demographic =\= it’s bad.

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