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Square Enix will have announcements at E3 2021 in June

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Square Enix has confirmed this afternoon that they will be present at the digital E3 2021 event which kicks off online this June. The news was confirmed by Square Enix president and CEO Yosuke Matsuda via Japanese publication, The Nikkei. Square Enix will be making announcements during the digital event along with Nintendo, and the team at Xbox Game Studios, and more.

“Outriders, which was previously delayed, is due out on April 1, 2021, followed by NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… in April,” Matsuda said. “Then there is Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, which is due out in June. As for our lineup beyond that, we’ll make more announcements in the future, including at E3 in June, so please look forward to it.”

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3 thoughts on “Square Enix will have announcements at E3 2021 in June”

  1. I won’t be holding my breath on anything on Switch from them except an update on Project Triangle Strategy.

    Likely most, if not all, of anything new they got will probably be PlayStation.

  2. I hope they begun Bravely Default III. It makes sense to me if they begin it wow all the developers from Bravely Default II just finished the producer wouldn’t have to search all over the earth looking for experience software developers to devlope Bravely Default III. That takes up more time. That’s what the Metroid Prime 4 developers need to do when the game is finally complete. Start on Metroid Prime 5. Why not all the software developers are already there.

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