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Nintendo has issued statement regarding Labo homepage removal

Nintendo has issued a response to Games Radar as a number of sites had reported that the Labo main page was recently been removed by the Kyoto-based company. While the company wouldn’t acknowledge that they are winding down Nintendo Labo production, they did state that the product is still available. Nintendo insider Emily Rogers previously suggested there would be one last hurrah for the product, which could fit in with the soon to be released New Pokemon Snap for the Switch platform.

“Nintendo Labo is available at retail locations. We routinely conduct product website maintenance and reorganization. Information on Nintendo Labo can be found at”


1 thought on “Nintendo has issued statement regarding Labo homepage removal”

  1. This is PR nonsense. It says absolutely nothing. If they weren’t discontinuing the product, they would say “We aren’t discontinuing the product” and not “We have apple cake in the cafeteria today”.

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