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Nintendo announces a coin retweet campaign for the Mario Kart Tour Bowser vs. Donkey Kong Tour

Nintendo has announced that they are running a new retweet campaign for the upcoming Bowser Vs Donkey Kong Tour in the hit mobile title, Mario Kart Tour. To take part simply retweet the tweet that is embedded below. Nintendo says that all Mario Kart Tour players will get coins equal to the number of retweets that the tweet below gets. The maximum number of coins that players can get is 10,000. The promotion is taking place until 2nd May. Mario Kart Tour is available now on both iOS and Android.

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  1. If you buy kart racers for Nintendo switch, crash team racing and Mario kart 8 are good. Team sonic racing is unneeded. Just download the songs. That game is missing cream, sticks, Tikal, chaos 0, Charmy, Espio, Babylon rogues, NiGHTS, Reela, Billy Hatcher, Ulala, Aiai, and Amigo. You can buy it if you want.

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