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New Sonic 30th Anniversary advert suggests celebration next year “More in 2022!”

The time is fast approaching for Sonic’s 30th anniversary celebrations, but it seems as though some of the merriment will be delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. A new Sonic licensing advertisement which has been unveiled discloses that “more” items will appear “in 2022.” Tails Channel says that despite these new marketing materials mentioning 2022, the company’s licensing plans are currently underway and they have stated that Sonic products will be released throughout 2021 and next year. We already know that Sonic Prime on Netflix and The Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie will be released next year. Let’s hope the game’s will be showcased in the coming months.

10 thoughts on “New Sonic 30th Anniversary advert suggests celebration next year “More in 2022!””

  1. esprimi un desiderio

    I was born in 1991. I want all the gamecube sonic games ported to Nintendo switch. Big and omochao are my least favorite characters on team sonic racing. Storm and cream would have been better. Blaze the cat would have been better on sonic forces than classic sonic.

  2. They keep hyping up the anniversary but all they’ve got to show for it is a movie and probably another garbage tv show. They’ve gotta be complete idiots to delay a game reveal until 2022….

  3. Yeah. it seems like we have to wait a bit longer for our inside look for the celebration because of the outbreak and SEGA and Sonic Team are still at hard at work for Sonic’s future. I really can’t wait for this whole outbreak to be completely over.

    Also, Sickr its tails channel, not tales channel. you spell it wrong.

  4. All this time developing a sonic game and it might be worse than sonic forces. I hated sonic mania more than forces. I prefer modern sonic over classic.

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