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EA Play Live 2021 is taking place on July 22nd

Last year’s cancellation of E3 meant that, unless they took part in the Summer of Gaming event, many companies held their own independent digital events to promote their upcoming releases. Some companies had not been used to producing pre-recorded videos to accomplish this, but other companies, such as EA, had been doing it during the week of E3 for years now.

Well, E3 may be back in a digital form this year, but EA is not going to be holding their digital event during that time period. Electronic Arts has announced that EA Play Live 2021 is going to be happening on July 22nd. Not only is this not during E3, but it isn’t even happening in June. Their announcement tweet is down below.

3 thoughts on “EA Play Live 2021 is taking place on July 22nd”

  1. My EA on Switch wish list;
    Command & Conquer Red Alert
    An SSX game
    Dead Space
    Fight Night
    Brutal Legend, have not played why not
    Madden & NHL. I’d take arcade versions like NHL Slapshot on Wii, or Madden All Play for Wii

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