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505 Games publishing new title from Metroid: Samus Returns developer, MercurySteam

Video game publisher 505 Games has announced today that it will be publishing a brand new title from the developer’s behind the action adventure titles, Metroid: Samus Returns for Nintendo 3DS and the multiplatform Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, MercurySteam. MercurySteam’s new game, which hasn’t been unveiled yet, will be coming to both consoles and PC.


12 thoughts on “505 Games publishing new title from Metroid: Samus Returns developer, MercurySteam”

      1. It’s still clickbait because these news have nothing to do with Metroid. It’s like that “From the makers of Avatar” or whatever “viewbait”. This is tabloid journalism!

      2. No, the title is pretty bad. The title could be “505 Games publishing new title from developer, MercurySteam” and no relevant information would be lost.

        This post is kinda like if this older post (link below) had Earthbound in the title of the article and an Earthbound thumbnail. instead, it’s just mentioned at the end of the article as more of a trivia fact because that’s how relevant that fact is in relation to a book about Iwata.

      3. This is definitely clickbait, don’t lie to yourself. Literally could’ve said “505 games is making a new game”. Putting the metroid logo instantly would make anyone think news about a new metroid.

  1. Hm…
    At first this made me concerned that MercurySteam is busy making this, and therefore are not working on a Nintendo (which would hopefully be a Metroid) title at the moment.
    However: according to Wikipedia they have 160 employers, and they did put out two games in 2017 (Metroid: Samus Returns and a game, which I’m unfamiliar with, called Spacelords) so that is a good sign.

  2. I’d be down for a new 2D Castlevania game, that’s something that could be multiplatform, or a new IP, preferably 2d action.

    Still need to play Samus Returns. Would have bought it day 1, but at the time I had just finished playing the original on 3DS eshop. I wonder if Nintendo has a Switch port of Samus Returns ready to drop. Giving up on idea of playing Prime Trilogy on Switch, because that would require too much work, as the former Retro employee stated.

    1. Well, considering that they got Skyward Sword running on the Switch, and that game was considered HARDER (borderline impossible) to port to the Switch, I’m not giving up on Metroid Prime Trilogy HD Deluxe Anniversary Edition just yet.

  3. I’m not lying to myself, and I don’t agree that this was clickbait, because I READ THE DAMN TITLE, and I gleaned from it “oh, the guys behind Metroid: Samus Returns are up to something new.”

    1. As you can see, nobody in the comments was actually confused by the title. It’s just some feel it’s a bit awkward because the news has nothing to do with Metroid so it’s kind of an irrelevant detail… Which you DON’T typically want in a news headline.

  4. Meh they ruined castlevania for me. Then again after the very amazing castlevania ds games. It’d be very hard to top.

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