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Minecraft Dungeons gets new update and the Hidden Depths DLC on 26th May

Mojang and Microsoft have announced a fresh new update for Minecraft Dungeons on the Nintendo Switch along with new downloadable content, which is titled the Hidden Depths. You’ll be able to venture on the new Minecraft Dungeons adventure on 26th May. The team also mention that they are adding a new feature/enemy type called Raid Captains, which are described as super challenging enemies which will mix up the adventure for you. Here’s all the details direct from the Minecraft Dungeons website.

“Dive into a new Minecraft Dungeons adventure just in time for summer! Minecraft Dungeons is making a splash on May 26 with the next DLC, Hidden Depths. This won’t be your average day at the beach though. You’ll have to fight a spreading corruption that has reached the darkest depths of the ocean! Hey, it wouldn’t be Minecraft Dungeons if it were easy, right? 

Of course, there’s also plenty of free content and updates alongside the DLC release! Not only are there new enchantments and breathtaking new levels, but there is also a brand-new feature called Raid Captains. Raid Captains are friendly tour guides that… wait, that’s not right. They’re super challenging new enemies that will change the way you play the game. That makes a lot more sense. Seek out Raid Captains where they lurk in the hidden corners of the world to add a new level of challenge (and new treasures) to your missions. 

The free update and the Hidden Depths DLC are both available on May 26! To learn more about these offers and how to get the DLC pack for your platform of choice, visit the Minecraft Dungeons website.”


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