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5 more titles are coming to the NES & SNES Switch Online collections on May 26th

Nintendo‘s NES & SNES Switch Online collections aren’t being updated very often, but that doesn’t mean that Nintendo has completely moved on from them. Every now and then, usually every couple of months, there’s an update that adds another small handful of games to the collections.

Nintendo has announced that the NES & SNES Switch Online collections are going to be getting more games on May 26th. The NES collection is getting Ninja JaJaMaru-kun, and the SNES collection is getting Super Baseball Simulator 1.000, Caveman Ninja (also known as Joe & Mac), Magical Drop 2 and Spanky’s Quest. The announcement tweet is down below.

5 thoughts on “5 more titles are coming to the NES & SNES Switch Online collections on May 26th”

  1. This update Major game is Japan exclusive again. Last time it was SMT 2, this time it’s Fire Emblem GotHW. I wish Nintendo made the standard 2 major games per update instead of 1 (actually I wish they just release everything at once instead of over time) that way if they choose a Japan only game then people in the west don’t feel like Nintendo is only releasing B tier franchises now.

    1. NOA and NOE gets bottom of the barrel as usual like who agrees to these decisions NOA struggles with the game pass series and the only region that has the contuinty is NOJ (they get a free trial game every month or two)

    2. Either release 2 big games, or at least use some of that money made from the online subscriptions to fund translations of their Japanese exclusive first party games and add them to the service. I would love a legitimate way to play holy war.

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