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French retailer lists new Sonic Collection for console

A French retailer, which originally listed the Sonic Colours Remaster for consoles, have started listing a new Sonic Collection for Sony’s PlayStation 4 console. As Tails Channel points out, rumours regarding a Sonic Collection swirled on the Internet as early as the beginning of January 2021. Sonic is celebrating his 30th Anniversary next month, so hopefully we shall find out what SEGA has in store for its spiky blue mascot then.


8 thoughts on “French retailer lists new Sonic Collection for console”

  1. How good this is will depend on which/how many games are included. If it’s a celebration of 30 years I would want them to go all out and have all the main 2D and 3D entries, including 4 and handheld games in but more likely will just be the same old megadrive games again.

  2. Nah, SEGA seems to be too busy memeing on Twitter to even care about the games who are either after the Genesis and before Sonic Colors.

    Besides, even if the 3D games are included, they’ll use the crappy DX and Battle versions without fixing the problems with those ports.

  3. If they do a new collection, i would hope some more of the digital only titles would get re-released and preserved in a physical collection. Stuff like the HD versions of Sonic 2 and CD, all the episodes of Sonic 4, throw Sonic Crackers on there for the hell of it, maybe even port some of the phone games to console. Beyond that, some obscure stuff like Sonic for NeoGeo Pocket (though I imagine that will come in a NGPC Vol2 release), the Advance games, Chaotix, a home port of SegaSonic arcade somehow (maybe the HD rumble of joycons could semi emulate the feel ot a trakball?) and of course throw on S3&K if that has its rights fixed and maybe some crazy shit like a Sonic 1 beta or something

    I also wouldnt mind a updated and fixed port of Sonic 06 DX

  4. It looks like team sonic racing will be the last sonic game I spend money on. I wish Cream and Chaos zero were on it instead of big and omochao. I’m glad I skipped sonic mania because it does not have shadow, cream, Amy and blaze as playable characters. Classic sonic is the worst character on sonic forces. I will never give up my 3ds sonic games which are shattered crystal, fire and ice, generations and racing transformed.

  5. Sonic ’06 would be better off getting completely remade as opposed to a port or remaster. The level design was largely awful, the load times often unbearable, and many of the side quests were filler and were often asinine “I’m lookin’ at YOU, “Who is the Captain?”).

    And NOTHING would save the game’s story short of a complete rewrite.

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