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Ubisoft praises sales performance of Immortal Fenyx Rising for Nintendo Switch

Immortal Fenyx Rising, which launched on multiple platforms late last year, was met with favourable reactions from fans and critics alike. The new IP from Ubisoft provided players with a brand new world to traverse, and for the most part, it provides an excellent experience on Nintendo Switch. It seems as though Ubisoft are particularly happy about its sales performance on Nintendo’s latest console, with chief financial officer Frederick Duguet highlighting the Switch platform specifically in the latest financial call that happened last week.

Here’s what he had to say:

“Immortals Fenyx Rising, our new IP, continues to see healthy sell-through as the game benefits from one of the highest community sentiments a Ubisoft game has ever had. It has all it takes to become an evergreen title, especially on the Switch, where it continues to broaden Ubisoft audience reach.”

Ubisoft’s commitment to bringing content to Nintendo consoles has been a hot topic in the past, but hopefully we’ll see more and more from the developer as the Switch continues to sell well and momentum for the hybrid console doesn’t seem to be slowing any time soon.

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    2. The reality is that most folks are really not concerned by the “behind the scenes” of gaming companies, but moreso specifically only the products they provide. Folks are coming here for gaming news, not to have discussions about the work culture of a company internally.

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  1. “BOTW ripoff sold well, especially on switch”

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