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Fan registration for E3 2021 opens on 3rd June

The general public will be able to register for access to E3 2021 from 3rd June. Although this year will be an all-digital event due to the ongoing pandemic, organisers have promised an exciting and interactive experience for fans to enjoy from 12th to the 15th of June all from the comfort of their own home. People attending the online event will be able to utilise a specially made app and online portal to get in on the action where it’s been confirmed that Nintendo will be in attendance alongside Xbox, Ubisoft, SEGA, and more. Press will get access to the app and portal a little earlier.

Just head over here on 3rd June to hop on the hype train and register for this year’s E3.


7 thoughts on “Fan registration for E3 2021 opens on 3rd June”

  1. But… Wait… How does this work? What’s the difference between not getting a pass and getting one? It’s all online!!

  2. How come media date is a week earlier than general public date.. do they expect/trust media to fully 100% shut their mouths for a whole week without leaking anything online? unless the week early access is just to make them more fimiliar with utilizing the app and its features so that there is no confusion by the media when the actual event starts

    1. Media tend to get embargoed information that can’t be shared until a date which is stipulated by the developer, or more likely, their publisher. It gives outlets and journalists to prepare material to post on their websites or magazines.

      1. okay say that the media played demo for bayonetta3 or pikmin 4 or odyssey 2 or any game that havent yet been announced and is intended to be a surprise reveal during e3 presentation the media will know a week ahead of general public they might not necessarily post video about it or reveal themselves but some of them surely will leak info through someone else in reddit or something.. a whole week is long period to stay quite on “unannounced” ‘long awaited’ games.. I mean without media and some of their directs and announcements get leaked

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