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Bloomberg: Upgraded Switch model announcement imminent, console launching September/October 2021

As the biggest gaming industry event approaches, Bloomberg is reporting that news of an upgraded Nintendo Switch console is about to drop. The publication is stating, thanks to sources familiar with the matter, Nintendo will be assembling the new model as early as July and the improved console is set to hit shelves between September and October of this year. Interestingly, it’s also mentioned that this new ‘Switch Pro’ is set to supersede the current original model at some point and we can expect the Switch we know and love to be eventually phased out, according to the report.

In terms of pricing, Bloomberg is reporting that the upgraded Switch will likely come with a higher price tag thanks to the global semi-conductor shortage and it will be sold alongside the already available Nintendo Switch Lite. It’s been previously discussed that the new model will house a new 7 inch OLED screen and have 4k capabilities; read our previous post on that here.

With E3 just around the corner, it’s not completely out of the realms of possibility that we would hear news of this new and improved revision of Nintendo’s hybrid console. But, as always, we’ll have to wait until we hear from Nintendo.


16 thoughts on “Bloomberg: Upgraded Switch model announcement imminent, console launching September/October 2021”

    1. Supersede means to replace, so according to the report by Bloomberg, Nintendo will stop selling the original Nintendo Switch. I’m speculating that this heavily rumoured, improved model will play everything from the Switch’s current catalogue though so we shouldn’t worry too much!

      1. Mmm I see why exactly what you mean, this is just like Nintendo stop selling and not making the original 3DS model after the new 3DS model came to the public back then and continue releasing games for all 3 models and for continuing there support for the system back then. Yeah I understand what you mean about supersede. Nintendo will give up on selling nthr original switch for it’s favor of it’s new model. I getcha.

        I know some of these are just a small rumor but I hope some of these sources you found are correct. I’m not saying your lying, I’m saying that I’m being a little truthful to you. I mean back then the original 3DS plays everything but not some of them like the new model.

  1. If it really is true, I expect it’ll be very hard to get my hands on one until much, much, much later.

    I shall await the reports on the scalpers.

  2. This is going to make my nephew sick. He just got the Animal Crossing Switch console. And now a more powerful Switch is coming out only 3 months after he finally gets a regular Switch? Even I’d like to have a more powerful Switch. But money doesn’t grow on trees for me.

  3. This is the news I’m waiting to hear. My body is ready for an updated model. Had mine since the beginning. Battery life and consistent joycon issues bug the hell out of me. I’m expecting big things this E3 from Nintendo

  4. So here’s hoping this e3 will be about a new switch pro, mp4, bayo 3, the new rumoured dk game and plenty more info on botw2.

    Please let the above be true and not just be about new smash fighters and splat on 3

  5. Hoping to preorder this just like I did with the Switch, but the scalpers might take them all up with the bots since they’re a bigger issue nowadays.

      1. It was for a while when the Switch first released, then it became a problem again when everyone was shut indoors due to the pandemic and looked for ways to entertain themselves. This was when knowledge of buying out all the stock of something and reselling it became more common knowledge and more things started getting susceptible to scalpers in the past year. It was always a problem, but covid made it much worse. The PS5 has been out for half a year, and it’s still being sold out within seconds because of dumb scalper bots.

    1. Especially considering the god damn stores aren’t carrying the damn systems in their physical stores & you can only find the damn things on their bloody websites. Who is the asshole that thought this was a good idea!?

      1. When Target told me their PS5’s were online only I was so pissed off, because now the only way to get one is buying a scalped console, or wait for the people buying with bots to get bored of it. I probably would’ve gotten one by now if they made it only available at in store locations, one per customer, and require you to move the plastic wrapping before leaving. You can fool the digital store, but it’s harder to do a workaround at the in store locations, especially if you get a cashier that recognizes faces.

  6. Mini Mike! Sounds like Sony and Microsoft might be flushing out fake news to drive down the sales of current Switch as people wait for the new one…they are desperate! Nintendo is killing them! Wait until you hear from Nintendo.

  7. I’ll keeping a sharp eye on the “Super Nintendo Switch” from Nintendo, NVIDIA, and Samsung. E3 is just around the corner.

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