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New details for the House of the Dead remake for Nintendo Switch

New details have emerged regarding the upcoming remake of the classic SEGA arcade title, House of the Dead. The game is destined for the Nintendo Switch first and then other platforms later, much like what happened with the Panzer Dragoon remake. The details were published on Twitter account The Wiki of the Dead have been handily condensed by Reddit member Turbostrider27. Read on for all the details:

  • Coming first to Switch, currently testing on 4 different platforms. Likely a Steam release.
  • Shooting for 60 fps docked, 30 fps handheld, and 720p docked and handheld.
  • UI has been redesigned.
  • Classic Mode (original game with updated graphics).
  • Horde Mode (fast-paced, 15 times the number of enemies. Unlockable characters and other things).
  • Several control options offered, including JoyCon sticks and gyro controls.
  • Remade voice acting, purposely “bad”.
  • Music “extremely inspired” by the original, no option to listen to original’s OST.
  • The engine is Unity, like Panzer Dragoon: Remake.
  • HD Rumble for gun shooting effects.
  • For research, the team played the original game via original hardware and emulation.
  • No option to play the original HOTD; sources lost and it’s “impossible” to rip assets.
  • “Nostalgic Mode” with lower-poly graphics considered if there is enough demand.
  • A demo of the remake may be considered if enough people request it on Discord and Twitter.
  • The remake team has worked with Sega, but have not really talked to staff at Sega AM1, HOTD’s original developer.
  • COVID has not affected production; the team is used to working remotely.
  • It was always planned for HOTD 1 + 2 remakes to be released separate.
  • The ragdoll physics when killing enemies will not be changed; it is a “critical” feature for some weapons. Boss death animations will be unchanged.
  • Crosshairs are different colors for each player.
  • Blood color can be changed.
  • Unlikely that the game will be at E3.
  • Price point may be in $15-20 range.
  • The controls were “tricky” to implement, but the remake team is not concerned over any possible backlash.
  • The HOTD remake improves daily, and is claimed to be in a better state today than when Panzer Dragoon: Remake was launched.

5 thoughts on “New details for the House of the Dead remake for Nintendo Switch”

  1. The new details in The House of the Dead (first on Nintendo Switch) sounds interesting and the price is right. I’m definitely gonna buy it at the eShop… pre-order or at launch!!!

  2. They had me at: Remade voice acting, purposely “bad”.

    I really hope there will be a gun accessory available. HoD on the Wii was actually really fun with the gun accessory, it was one of my favorite games to play on there.

    1. Hopefully the acting was purposely bad in the Uwe Boll movie, too. Otherwise, how the fuck did he get permission to make more video game movies after that!? Then again, a lot of people are failing upward in Hollywood these days. I guess he was ahead of the curve.

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