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Nintendo Treehouse provides closer look at Metroid Dread’s Phantom Cloak feature

Metroid dread

Metroid Dread was one of the biggest announcements from Nintendo’s E3 showcase, so it’s only fair that it gets extra airtime during the Treehouse Stream. Earlier tonight, we were shown some excellent new features including the Omega Blaster upgrade and a cool slide move for our favourite intergalactic traveller. However, the star of the show is Samus’ new Aeion ability, the Phantom Cloak.

According to the Treehouse stream, Aeion abilities play differently in Metroid Dread. After Samus acquires the Phantom Cloak from a devilish looking boss, she can become invisible for a limited amount of time and can then progress through ‘presence doors’. However, this superb power-up does come with a few downsides too. Not only will Samus move much slower with the cloak, but it will also begin to deplete her health after a certain amount of time. Here, Metroid fans will need to use the Phantom Cloak strategically, making sure not to rely on its unique nature.

Thankfully, fans won’t need to wait too long before they can embark on their new space adventure when Metroid Dread releases for Nintendo Switch on 8th October.

Source: Nintendo Treehouse

2 thoughts on “Nintendo Treehouse provides closer look at Metroid Dread’s Phantom Cloak feature”

  1. Im digging the new suit samus has 0n. Also gameplay looks a bit more sped up. And i see its retained the attack from the last recent metroid games.

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